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I am tired of being flat chested - I want breast impants!
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I am 15 years old (almost 16) and I have no boobs. I don't need to wear a bra - even in Phys. Ed. - and I look stupid in a bathing suit. I hate my body and I hate looking like a boy. Other girls my age already have boobs and they get all the attention from guys. I want boys to like me too and know that if I only had boobs everything would be great. I am popular, athletic, and am told that I have a cute face so I just know that it is my lack of boobs that keeps guys thinking of me as "just a friend." My 16th birthday is a few months away and my parents have promised to buy me a car. A car would be cool but what I realy want are breast implants like Britney Spears'. I have mentioned this to my Mom a few times but all she does is chuckle and tell me to wait for nature to do its' thing. I'm almost 16 - how long do I have to wait??? How do I get my parents to give me breast implants instead of a car? How do I make them see that I need this surgery?


Let me start by saying that I am among those people who believe that Britney didn't get breast implants. I think that she just happened to get famous around the same time that nature was doing its' thing (to borrow a phrase from your Mom) and that any changes in her chest area were natural, not surgical. This is just my opinion mind you, but I think that it is an opinion backed up by human biology.

As girls enter their teen years their bodies undergo tremendous changes. Some of these changes happen very suddenly while others are slower and harder to notice. For most teen girls "getting boobs" is something that is eagerly anticipated, and frustratingly slow to occur. Unlike zits, breasts don't grow overnight. Breasts can take years to fully develop and they are always changing even as you move into adulthood. Many women report that they were in college before they developed any noticeable breast tissue - well past the age of 15 or 16. So take a step outside of yourself and understand that your being 15 and undeveloped is very, very normal. Look at your other peers, not those girls whose chests you admire, but the other girls in your age group. I am confident that you will find more girls with breasts like yours than with breasts like Britney Spears.

OK, at this point you are probably thinking; "I don't care about being normal - I just want boobs!" That's fair enough, but before you actively pursue breast augmentation surgery I want you to ask yourself a few questions and I want you to be brutally honest about your answers.
  • Why are breasts so important to you right now?
  • Has somebody said or done something to make you feel that breasts are the only things that make you valuable as a woman?
  • Has a guy you were crushing on started dating a girl with larger breasts than yours?
  • Why are you so unwilling to give nature a chance to "do its' thing" and so adamant about going under the knife?
  • You describe yourself as popular, athletic and cute - why do these things pale in comparison to having breasts?
  • Do you have realistic expectations about how breast implants will change your life or do you think that getting breasts will change everything for the better?
If after honestly examining these questions you still think that breast surgery is for you let me tell you the facts. Breast augmentation surgery is very painful, recovery is not quick or easy, and there are some well-documented risks. As part of the healing process you are required to massage your breasts daily, a painful ordeal designed to stop the implants from hardening and/or losing their shape. When you get implants you are committing to at least one other major breast surgery in your life as breast implants only last 20 - 25 years, and the younger you are when you get implants, the more future surgeries you face. Breast augmentation is major surgery that requires you to be put under general anesthesia (being put to sleep) for several hours. Going under general anesthesia caries risks of its' own outside of the risks associated with the breast implants. It is not something to be entered into lightly or prematurely. You are not yet 16 years old; you have not even given your breasts a chance to develop naturally. I would be loathe to tell you to go ahead and have this expensive and painful surgery without pointing out that it may be totally unnecessary in your case. In fact, I don't think any reputable plastic surgeon would do this sort of surgery on somebody as young as you; and this sort of surgery should be done by somebody with great skill, not just somebody who wants to get paid. Bottom line: you have not yet finished growing and getting breast surgery at this point in your life would be a huge mistake.

My advice to you is simple - forget about the fake boobs for now and give nature a chance to do its' thing. Take the car your parents have so generously offered, something most 16 year olds do not get, and enjoy the freedom and responsibility this gift will bring you. If you are still concerned about guys let me assure you that for the average teen guy a girl with wheels is every bit as desirable as a girl with boobs, maybe even more so. With all of the other things that you have going for you I think that you will find a car so much more satisfying than breast implants.

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