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Fortune Tellers for Teens
Guide picks
Just for fun - let fate decide what is in store for you!

Teen Advice Tarot
From Teen Advice, a quick link to a simple tarot reading.

Online Fortune Teller Game
An online version of the paper triangle fortune teller popular with kids across North America. Start with numbers or colors and let the game guide you the rest of the way. From Internet for Kids.

Answer a YES or No Question
Using an online tarot deck ask a yes or no question and get a quick answer. From Destiny Tarot.

Ask Elvis the Dog
Ask a question then click on Elvis's head for an in depth answer. This one is more amusing than anything else.

Biblical Fortunes
Concentrate on something in your life that is causing you confusion. Now ask the question, "What does the future hold?" Click on the OPEN THE BIBLE link and get inspiration from a passage in the King James Bible.

Celtic Tarot Spread
Just drag a card to the appropriate spot on the table and click on it for your reading. Concentrate on the questions most pressing in you life. From Destiny Tarot.

Empowering Oracle
Think about a question. Concentrate. Type it in the query box and click the SPEAK TO ME button. Get an inspiring answer fast.

Free Rune Reading
Have your Runes read online. Available as Flash or non-Flash. From Destiny Tarot.

Learn the Runes
Learn how to read and interpret runes on your own. From Destiny Tarot.

Light Q Oracle
Get some words of wisdom from this high tech oracle. Choose from a daily, ideal or hint reading. Concentrate on the issues of greatest concern.

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