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Fortune Tellers for Teens
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Concentrate on your inner feelings and fears. Pick a card. Get answers to five key issues in your life.

Oracle at Delphi
The famous oracle of ancient Greece comes to the internet. Follow the instructions given on the page to find out what the oracle has to say to you.

Palm Readings
Get a three minute reading for free. Find out more about the predictive art of palm reading. From Destiny Tarot.

Open a book, any book, and read a random passage for inspiration. This is the art of Stichomancy. Now you can do this online using this Stichomancy page.

The Love Spread
Find out what is in store for your heart. Drag the card you want from the spread out deck to the designated spot on the table. Click each chosen card for your reading. From Destiny Tarot.

Triangle Tarot Reading
Just drag a card to the appropriate spot on the table and click on it for your reading. This is a standard formation that tries to offer a general idea of your near future. From Destiny Tarot.

Voice of the Woods
The ancient Celtic Ogham alphabet is used to predict your future and identify key struggles in your life.

Your Monthly Reading
Get a different reading every month. Just drag a card to the appropriate spot on the table and click on it for your reading. From Destiny Tarot.

Zodiac Tarot Reading
Just follow the instructions on the page to get your reading. This is a detailed reading. Read the explanations carefully, they are key to understanding the outcome. From Destiny Tarot.

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