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How To Reach Out For Help


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If you feel lost or confused, you can get help -- here's how.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: As long as it takes!

Here's How:

  1. Find someone you can trust who is also able to do something to help you -- parents, grand-parents, counsellors, teachers, religious leaders, a friend's parent, or another adult relative are good choices.
  2. Don't be afraid to cry, yell or let your feelings out.
  3. Be honest! Confess everything that is on your mind or that you have thought about.
  4. Be clear! Make sure that the person you reach out to understand how serious the situation is and how much you want help.
  5. Provide details! List all reasons and/or events that have contributed to your current state.
  6. If you are being bullied or harassed, make this clear.
  7. If you are having thoughts of harming others, admit it.
  8. If you have thought about suicide, say so.
  9. Say that you can no longer handle the situation alone and that you want help.
  10. Give the person you reach out to permission to take all reasonable steps to get you some help -- do not swear anyone to secrecy.
  11. Do not be ashamed -- needing help is nothing to be ashamed of, and reaching out for help is a sign of great strength.
  12. Stay strong!


  1. If you are thinking of harming yourself or others, you must get help NOW.
  2. Do not let your fears keep you from getting help. Ignore any feelings that tell you to "go it alone".
  3. People do love and care for you -- let them show you how much.
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