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Islam for Teens
Guide picks
A primer on Islam for Muslim Teens.

Islam Home Page
A page about the Islamic faith with updates on what is going on for Muslims around the USA and the world.

Ramadan FAQ
Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during each day of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Find out more about this holy month.

Islam Canada
A detailed look at the various parts of the Islamic Faith.

Islamic Foundation of North America - Student Resources
A resource page for Muslim students, featuring links to useful information in many subject areas as well as a career resource center.

Project Maps
Project MAPS team is working on a web based searchable database of websites related to American Muslims.

Muslim Teens Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes
An article by By Children's Express writers, Elizabeth Daley and Edwin Grant. A look at the way Islam shapes the lives of young Americans. From BeliefNet.

The Muslim Youth in America: Problems and Solutions
In this article, Maha Ezzedine calls upon Muslim youth to realize their growing role in upholding the call to Islam, and to build knowledge, ambition, and piety

Quran Recitation Online
Have the Quran read outloud to you online every day. From Young Muslims Canada.

Young Muslims in Public School
A young Muslim convertee talks about her experiences as a Muslim in the public school system.

Islam 101
An introduction to the Islamic Faith for Muslims and non-Mulsims.

The Young American Muslim
Three articles by youth from The American Muslim magazine, entitled "Growing Up in America: A Blessing or a Misfortune," "Never Be Too Sure," and "Thank Your Lord"

Understanding Islam
A look at the major tenets of the Islamic faith and how they can shape your life.

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