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How do I let my crush know I am interested?


Question: How do I let my crush know I am interested?

Answer: Ahhh, few things in life are as exhilarating as the promise of a new relationship. It can be frightening and anxiety provoking while at the same time lifting your spirits and renewing your outlook on life. While the initial attraction is rarely love, what it has is the promise of love to come and that can be intoxicating. So how do you move from the admiration phase to the dating phase? The answer is not simple. First you have to be ready to put your heart (or at least your ego) on the line by letting the other person know you are interested. This can be done in an obvious or subtle manner but it is an essential first step. Start with some innocent flirting and if your crush seems receptive dive on in! Ask him or her out. It can be something simple like, "lets eat lunch together today" or something more substantial like, "do you want to see a movie with me on Saturday?" Once you have put yourself out there you will soon know if the other person is interested as well. If they say "no" it is pretty obvious that they aren't in to you the same way that you are in to them. This is OK, and unfortunately it is the risk we take in asking somebody out. But chances are really good that they will say "yes" and then you will have a chance to get to know them better. The bottom line; if you want to date somebody you have to ask. Sitting around sending put signals is game playing and very few people get far in love by playing games. Take a chance, at this point you have little to lose except the happy feeling of having a crush, and you have everything to gain including, maybe, love!

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