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How can I make him/her love me?


Question: How can I make him/her love me?

Answer: At Teen Advice we get this question a lot and the answer is really quite simple – you can’t make somebody love you. There is nothing you can do or say to make a person who isn’t already smitten suddenly do an about face and fall for you. There is nothing you can change about yourself, no clothing you can buy, no team you can join, no club you can get in to, and no hairstyle you can try that will make a person who isn’t in to you already suddenly notice you and fall in love. Let’s face it, life is not a major motion picture and love does not happen with the flick of a 30 second make-over’s magic brush. In gaining love, things are not as rosy as the Hollywood crowd would have us believe. The cold hard reality is that if somebody is going to like you, and if that like is going to blossom in to love, it is going to happen because of who you are right now, at this moment, without any artificial changes or out-of-character behaviors. You are you and anybody worthy of your love will want you just the way you are. I know, that sounds like another Hollywood cliché but hey, even the happy ending obsessed Hollywood crowd can get it right every once in awhile!

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