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How to Kiss Like in

Prom Night & Sexual Pressure
Guide picks
Should prom night be THE night? Caught up in the romance of the moment many teens make bad choices that they later regret. Don't be one of them!

QUIZ: Are you ready for sex?
A 45 question quiz that takes between 5 - 15 minutes to complete (depending on your internet connection speed) from About Teen Advice. Are you as ready for sex as you think you are? Are really ready for sex, or just under pressure to "give it up". Our quiz will give you some honest answers.

Before You Decide to Have Sex - 8 Things You Must Know
Eight important things every teen must consider before becoming sexually active. From the emmotional aftermath to birth control and STD protection, we outline the most important things you need to know.

Let's Talk About Sex - The First Time
All you need to know about the first time, including how to talk to your parents and how to tell if you are as ready as you think.

Your FAQs about Sex & Pregnancy
Questions about pregnancy and pregnancy related issues flood the Teen Advice mailbox each week, so we decided to highlight 27 of the most common questions you ask in this Teen Life Q&A Special Feature.

Date Rape - What is it?
Information about date rape, date rape drugs, and where you can go for help if you become a victim.

Sex and Alcohol: Some Sobering Thoughts
Important facts about the relationship between sex and alcohol that every teen should know. Brought to you by Teenwire and About Teen Advice.

Sex Under the Influence
Why sex and alcohol don't mix and how intoxication can result in anything from rape to HIV contraction. From About.com.

The Night to Always Remember? Best of the Net
It's prom night and you are caught up in the romance, should this be THE night? A look at the pressures teens face to have sex on Prom Night. From Teenwire.

Prom Sex Talk: Worst Case Scenarios
Some prom night sex sample scenarios and how to best handle them if they come up at your prom. From The Prom Site.

The Prom: Not Just One Night of Haram
A look at Prom and the pressure to have sex from a Muslim perspective. By Samana Siddiqui of Islamzine.

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