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How To Know if You're Ready For Sex


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The first time can be the worst time if you aren't really ready. Make sure you are before you do anything!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: years

Here's How:

  1. Know yourself - ask yourself if the situation "feels right" and if you really trust those feelings.
  2. Know your would be partner - ask yourself how well you know the person you are thinking of being with and if you care for them and trust them.
  3. Know your reasons - whatever your reason be sure it is worth giving something away that you will never get back.
  4. Know how your parents feel about you having sex - you may need/want their support and confidence someday, make sure that you have it well in advance.
  5. Know the risks - heart break, regret, pregnancy, STDs, and HIV (AIDS) can all happen the first time you have sex.
  6. Know how to protect yourself - condoms with spermicide are the best protection for sexually active teens. The Pill only protects from pregnancy.
  7. Know that there is no 100% protection against unwanted outcomes if you have sex, only abstinence can totally protect you.
  8. Know the law - in many states you have to be a certain age before you can legally agree to have sex and there are some sex acts that are illegal.
  9. Know what sex is - oral sex, anal sex, lying on top of each other naked and heavy petting are all sexual contact that can result in STDs or HIV (AIDS). Wear a condom!
  10. Know there is NO going back - once you let go of your virginity it is gone forever! Make sure you are ready to say good bye to that part of yourself.


  1. If you have any second thoughts STOP immediately until you are completely sure.
  2. If you can't say "penis", "vagina", "condom", or "intercourse" without laughing you probably aren't ready.
  3. You can NOT get pregnant through oral or anal sex, but you can get STDs.
  4. The age at which you are "allowed" to have sex is called the age of consent and is different depending on where you live and your sexual orientation.
  5. Sex is not bad, dirty or wrong, but it is a BIG step to take. If you can't be mature about protecting yourself from risks, you shouldn't be "doing it".

What You Need:

  • A trusted partner.
  • A private place.
  • A condom.
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