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Before You Go Clubbing


Are you a club kid, or a club kid in the making? Is the rave scene or going club hopping your idea of fun? If this sounds like you then you can't afford to skip this list of eight essential things every club kid must know. From personal safety to club drugs, from date rape to fire codes, this is the information you can't live without.

Club drugs can cost you more than a few bucks.

Club drugs are easily found at most raves and teen clubs and are often cheaper than any available alcohol making them a more appealing high to many teens. It is a sad reality that most teens who frequent clubs or raves try these club drugs. What many teens do not realize is that club drugs are often the same things as date rape drugs. If you take them you may become a victim instead of a partier.

You will be at a greater risk of date rape.

Clubs and raves are places where strangers come together to have a good time. For some people a good time comes at the expense of others. The more people around you that you do not know the more you are at risk of being victimized by a stranger. Date rape drugs are a big problem at legal and illegal nightclubs. Be aware and always look out for you!

Self defense is a must have skill for all club kids.

Because of the underground nature of raves and teen nightclubs they are abnormally dangerous. Alcohol, stranger interactions, close quaters and heat make nightclubs in general more dangerous than house parties. Add "illegal" or "unlicensed" to the mix and the danger is increased as owners and patrons are less likely to call police if things get out of hand. Street smarts are a clubbing essential.

After hours or unregulated clubs are not usually fire safe.

If you frequent clubs or raves that are "underground" or "after hours" you could be in danger since they are not monitored by fire and safety agencies. Although you may get in to these clubs without a hassle, if there is a fire you may be unable to get out. Often the doors on these clubs are chained shut and the windows nailed shut leaving you with no escape route other than the front door.

Sex is NOT a party favor.

In the touchy-feely environment of a nightclub or rave it is very easy to get caught up in the sensuality of the moment. Dancing can be very seductive and if you are intoxicated you may misinterpret the moment turning a simple dance in to a silent love affair. Try to keep a level head about sex, nothing ruins a night faster than an unwanted advance or a regret filled intimate encounter.

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