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Top 10 Books By Teens for Teens


Who better to give advice to teens than other teens who have "been there?" Get the ultimate peer advice from some published teens. Our 10 favorite books written by teens about teen life. Some are fiction, some are non-fiction, but all offer important insights in to surviving teen life.

1) Teen Angst.... Naaah!!!

A guidebook by acclaimed teen writer Ned Vizzini for surviving the teen years. Ned's writing style is "Seinfeld-esque". He is witty, intelligent and surprisingly fresh. Whether you're an adult, a teen or a little of both, you'll laugh out loud at Ned's portrayal of teen angst.

2) Katie.com

An honest look at Katherine Tarbox's nearly disasterous real world meeting with an online "friend." A first-hand account of what can happen when you put too much faith in the people you meet on the net. Learn from Katie's mistake... an essential read for all teens who hang out in cyberspace.
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3) The Outsiders

This classic coming-of-age novel about a group of boys from "the wrong side of town" was actually written by a girl. Written by S.E. Hinton in 1967 this tale of love, loss, friendship, heartbreak, social divisons and class warfare, is still relevant today. Filled with life lessons we all should take to heart. If you haven't read this book you are missing out on one of the best reads of all time.
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4) Teen Ink: Love and Relationships

The newest in the Teen Ink series, this collection of writings by teens focuses on love and dating. Read how other teens have coped with things like first kisses, asking somebody out, letting somebody down and moving past a painful break up. Peer advice that is honest and witty.

5) Please Don't Kill the Freshman: A Memoir

A personal memoir written by 15 year old Zoe Trope during her first year in high school. The diary format makes this an easy read, and true-to-life events chronicled in the book will strike a chord with everybody who has survived freshman year. A witty and insightful read.
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6) Teen Ink: Our Voices, Our Visions

An anthology of musings on teen life written by teens all over the world. Put together by the webmasters at TeenInk.com, this the first of four books, offers a look at life through the eyes of modern teens. Find out how your peers have coped with their struggles and get inspiration as you muddle through your own.
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7) Teen Ink: More Voices, More Visions

A follow up to "Teen Ink: Our Voices, Our Visions", this book has more of the same insightful stories and peer given advice that makes the first book so great. Another great read for teens or those who work with, live with, or care for teens.
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8) Crazy : A Novel

Written by German teen Bejamin Lebert when he was 16 years old, this book tells the story of a disabled teen struggling to cope with life at an exclusive boarding school and the break up of his parents' marriage. Written as fiction, this book offers some helpful tips for dealing with a family crisis in the midst of a personal struggle. Well written and easy to read; you won't want to put it down.
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9) Ophelia Speaks : Adolescent Girls Write about Their Search for Self

A collection of stories and personal accounts written by teenaged girls across America. Arranged by topic, these thoughtful and well-chosen writings offer valuable insight into the struggles faced by new millenium girls. An excellnt collection of life stories by girls for girls.
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10) Real Boys' Voices

A collection of interviews with American teenaged boys in which the teens discuss their thoughts on peer pressure, sexuality, violence, family relations and other important teen life topics. Read about the surprising struggles that teen boys have and the amazing ways that they cope with those struggles.
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