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The Names of the Suspected Suicide Hijackers in the
Disaster Tuesday Attacks.
Also, a retraction on some earlier reports.

CNN has posted updated information about the people who are suspected to have hijacked the four airplanes used in the terrorist attacks on the United States on "Disaster Tuesday", September 11, 2001. We have listed just the names here, to read the full story please visit CNN.com.

If somebody you know is still missing in the attack zones, please contact CNN for information on how to post vital information online.

AA Flight 11
First plane sacrificed; hit the North Tower of the WTC

CNN List of the Victims

  • Walid Al Shehri
  • Wail Alsheri (aka Waleed Alsheri)
  • Mohammad Atta
  • Aabdul Alomari
  • Satam Sugami

UA Flight 175
Second plane sacrificed; hit the South Tower of the WTC

CNN List of the Victims

  • Marawn Alshehhi
  • Fayez Ahmed
  • Mohald Alshehri
  • Hamza Al Ghamdi
  • Ahmed Al Ghamdi

AA Flight 77
Third plane sacrificed; hit the Pentagon

CNN List of the Victims

  • Khalid Almihdhar
  • Majed Moqued
  • Nawaf Al Hazmi
  • Salem Al Hazmi

UA Flight 93
Fourth plane sacrificed; crashed into the ground in Pennsylvania

CNN List of the Victims

  • Ahmed Al Haznawi
  • Ahmed Alnami
  • Ziad Jarrah
  • Saeed Alghamdi

For more details on these people please see the FBI Press Release

If you have any information about these people, their associates or any others who may have been involved in the planning and implementation of this horrific attack, please contact the FBI.

Special FBI Sponsored Report Page
Report information that you may have about the perpetrators of this horrific act of terrorism.

Important Retraction

Earlier reports that two brothers, Adnan Bukhari and Ameer Bukhari of Vero Beach, Florida, were among the hijackers were incorrect. These two men WERE NOT hijackers. One of the men, Adnan Bukhari, is still living in Florida and is cooperating fully with investigators. The second man, Adnan Bukhari, died last year in a small plane crash.

A Very Special Note

Despite being listed as a passenger on the Passenger List of United Airlines Flight 93, Emerson Glick (2 months old, daughter of Jeremy Glick) was NOT on the plane with her father. According to a Dateline NBC Special Report that ran on September 14, 2001, the Glick family did not lose the little girl on Disaster Tuesday. A trust fund has been set up in her name and in memory of her heroic father. Donations can be sent to:

Emerson Glick
c/o Merrill Lynch
P.O. Box 911
Windham, NY 12496

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