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My World: A First Person Account
Real life stories told by real teens!

Reported by Mandy Pandy. Find out why this teen believes that first love can be the real deal.


About the Author

Reported by Mandy Pandy, a 16 year old girl who believes that first love can be the real deal. Read her story and find out why the common belief that teens are too young to know what real love is only sells real relationships short.
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People think that teenagers can't be in love or they don't know what real love is. They think we are too young and inexperienced to be able to love another person for real. I am here to tell them that they are wrong. I'm only 16 and I have been in love before, but because I questioned that love, I lost it. His name is Dustin and he was my first; a love that I will never forget.

One summer I met this guy named Dustin. He was 3 years older than me. He was very interesting... cute, kind, fun, and he always made me laugh. Our attraction was instant and mutual and we quickly started dating.

We did everything together; I mean we loved being with each other. My mom even approved of him (and that was a big plus). My family considered him family and his family considered me family. He was not only my boyfriend; he was my best friend, a best friend who I was in love with.

One of my biggest failings is that sometimes I go along with my friends; you know, give in to peer pressure. If they say something, and work to convince me, I usually give in. Four months into my relationship with Dustin my friend Brie was telling me I should dump him. She pointed out all of his negative points and she convinced me that they were worse than his good ones. She convinced me that Dustin and I were too young to be in love and that he must have me fooled into thinking our relationship was more than it was. I went agreed with her but deep in my heart I knew what I was doing was wrong.

A few days later I called him up and told him it was over. He wanted to know why I was ending our relationship. I didn't really have a reason. How could I tell him that I was dumping him because my friend had told me to? So I told him a tremendous lie. I told him that I liked someone else and that I had cheated on him. I tried to hold back my tears as I whispered, "Sorry." I quickly hung up the phone and began to sob. After that I felt sad all the time. He kept on calling and calling, wanting to see me, but I couldn't bring myself to look him in the face after what I had done. A couple weeks later the calls stopped and I never heard from him again.

It took almost a month for me to pull myself together. I tried to move on with my life. I tried to date but it was way too hard - I was still in love with Dustin. No one could ever compare to him. I knew he had moved on with his life and that I had nobody but myself to blame for my broken heart.

A while later I heard through the grapevine that Dustin had moved out of the state into Job Core. My heart dropped. I started to cry fearing I would never get a chance to set things right. As the weeks passed I didn't hear anything from or about him. He was gone and I had to move on.

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