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QUIZ: Is it time to break up?
A 20 question quiz to help you determine if your relationship is fizzling out.

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When we first start a new relationship we are so filled with happy euphoric feelings of love that it seems like things couldn't ever change, but more often than not they do. More often than not they end. It is a sad fact of dating that things don't always work out and when a relationship starts to turn it can be hard to accept. Is your relationship reaching it's expiry date? Is a break up in the near future? Should you get out before things get ugly or hang on and see if there is something left to save? Take our "Is it time to break up?" quiz to get a second opinion.

Remember: If your relationship is emmotionally or physically abusive, or if it causes you to act in a self destructive manner you should get out regardless of how "in love" you feel. Relationships that hurt don't need to be saved.

You must answer all questions in this quiz. Give the best answer possible for each question, do not skip a question. This quiz is for entertainment purposes only.

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