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QUIZ: Are you over your last relationship?
A quick and easy 20 question quiz to help you decide if you're really ready to move on.

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You've been single for some while now and it's clear that your relationship is really over, but are you really over the relationship? Getting over somebody you care about and movin on with your life is one of the hardest things the heart has to face and for most people you can expect to stare this love-demon down more than once in a lifetime. At the same time it is very normal to look back and remember a former love fondly, even longingly, from time to time. How can you tell if you're remembering the good old days in a healthy way or clinging to the past? How do you know if you're really over a lost love? There are some tell tale signs that your feelings have matured from soul-wrenching longing to healthy memory. Take our "Are you over him/her?" quiz to find out where you stand.

You must answer all questions in this quiz. Give the best answer possible for each question, do not skip a question. This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. The first few questions are the same as in our "Are you on the rebound?" quiz, but this is NOT the same quiz, most of the questions are different.

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