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Suicide Risk Assessment
Is your friend at risk for committing suicide?
More on Suicide
Suicide Risk Indicators
Suicide Help Lines
Suicide & Depression
My Friend Wants to Die!

How To...
Help a Troubled Friend
Reach Out for Help
Relate to Parents

This tool can help you decide on a course of action in helping a troubled friend. Give the best answer possible for each question, do not skip a question.

This quiz is not a definitive assessment of suicide risk. It is a tool designed to help you determine if your friend is at high or low risk of suicide based on what you know about or see happening in their lives. If you are concerned about your friend it is best to reach out to them and let them know that you are there to help. Review our list of suicide risk indicators and use this tool to help you figure out if you need to get outside help for your friend. A high risk finding suggests that you should get immediate help from professional or trained people. A low risk finding suggests that you should keep a closer eye on the situation and alert those closest to your friend about your concerns. If you are taking this assessment chances are good that you have some solid reasons to worry and a low risk finding should not cause you to let your guard down. You know your friend better than a quiz ever could! This tool can help you decide on a course of action but it is not intended to direct you to go against your instincts.

For more information on suicide and for help please see our Suicide & Depression resource page.

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