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Is It In The Stars??
Astrology links for teens; find out more about this most ancient method of getting guidance.
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Hey, when all other advice fails to satisfy, why not turn to the stars?

Lots of people believe in the power of the zodiac to predict events and identify trends in their lives.

What is the zodiac? The zodiac is more commonly known as; star/sun signs, astrology, or horoscopes. It is a very ancient tradition of looking to the stars for answers about a person or people based on the placement of the stars at the time of their birth. The theory goes on the principal that as the stars and planets change alignment, events in the lives of individuals born under certain "signs" also change. Astrology is responsible for the term, "born under a lucky star".

One of the most popular uses of atrology's predictive powers is in the area of love and romance. People like to see if "love is in the stars" for them, or how their "sign" matches with that of a potential love interest. There are some signs that are said to clash and others that are said to make beautiful music together. How does your sign compare to the object of you affections?

Another popular reason for "consulting with the stars" is to see if wealth or sucess are in ones future. Horoscopes have long been the source of a mad dash to the lotto store, or the watching of Dawson's Creek rather than studying the night before a big test.

Many people feel that, when all else has failed, the stars can be counted on to give them the truth. In reality, the stars often tell people what they want to hear - another reason for the extreme popularity of horoscopes. Whether for true "advice", or just for fun, there is always an answer in the stars.

Check these links to see:

Remember: horoscopes are more for fun than advice, although some people swear by the stars!




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