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Let's Talk About Sex!
Things you should know about The First Time
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S-E-X. It is a word loaded with social taboos and cultural mystery. It is 100% necessary for the continuation of the human race and yet it is treated as if it is unnatural, even down right dirty. IT'S NOT! But this stigma is what makes parents freak out when their teen announces he or she is ready to give it a try. Now, although this reaction is an instinctive one for parents to have, it is not without some merit. Sex in the new millenium is filled with risks - both emotional and physical. Gone are the days when the only worry the sexually active teen had was unwanted pregnancy (and then that was something the girl worried about more). Y2K ushered in a new "non-sexual" revolution fueled by rampant STDs, record teen pregnancy rates and the incurable AIDS virus. AIDS is on the rise among teens and the fact is, if you are sexually active, you can get it*. If you are considering having sex for the first time there are a few things you MUST know.

One of the most mysterious of the sexual milestones is the elusive "first time". Everyone who is sexually active has had a "first time" and most people will tell you it was nothing like they expected it to be. For boys, the "first time" is a sort of stepping stone to manhood, a sign that you are well on your way to being a real man. For girls, visions of the first time are often clouded with ideas of romance that are more based in dreams than in reality. The decision to have sex should never be taken lightly. If you are making it without any thought you shouldn't be having sex - plain and simple. But if you have given your decision some real thought there you are bound to be full of questions. You have probably heard rumours about what sex is like and what can and cannot happen "the first time". Let us clear up the myths and present you with the realities.

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*AIDS can also be transmitted through infected needles and blood transfusions.
National Center for Health Statistics and the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

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