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The transcript from our November 28th chat with make up artist Bobbi Brown.

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Any tips for letting parents know you are ready to give make up a try?


Most young girls seem to hover over their moms while they're putting makeup on and many moms will let their daughters dip in. But the best way to tell your parents you are ready is to tell them you'd like some makeup for your birthday.


Or with the winter gift giving season upon us, you could even ask them for make up (or a copy of Teenage Beauty) now. OK, back to the questions.

How much make up is too much for a younger teen (under 16)? for an older teen (16 and over)?


Having a trunk full is definately too much. Having an overflowing drawer is definately too much. Having a shoebox full is ok if it's just for playing and experimenting. But three to four items is usually the right amount for a beginning makeup kit.


What's the best way to help cover up a blemish??


The best way to cover up a blemish is NOT with a concealer because a concealer is one shade lighter than your skin to lighten dark circles. The best way to cover is to use a foundation stick which is a creamy formula and you apply it directly on the blemish, pat it into the skin, put a loose powder on top and it should disapper into your natural skin tone.


Are there colors that work well with every skin tone?


Sheer colors work with every skin tone as do shimmery tones that are pale, like silver or white. Rosey tones also work with most skin tones. Dark colors really don't look great on white coloring.

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