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Feeling Stressed? Catch this cure...
Try being nice for no reason! Practice random acts of kindness and feel your stress level decrease with each nice gesture.


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"Has anyone ever tried taking herbs? I've been thinking about taking Ginko Baloba but I don't know if it would be harmful. What have you tried and what works? Herbs for fatigue, energy, memory, and anything that makes you feel better would be great. Thanks!"

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Holidays stress even the mellowest person among us, and being a teen is among the most stressful times in ones life. Combine the two and you have a recipe for mental overload. Doubt the validity of holiday stress? Just look at the figures. During the holiday season (the time between US Thanksgiving and the New Year) suicide rates, alcohol and drug use and auto accidents all increase. It may surprise you to know that fraud and petty theft also are on the rise during the holidays. Add this to the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls, the jam packed traffic and the economic pressures of a highly commercial season and it is no wonder most of us are "in a mood" throughtout the holidays. So what can you do to help eleviate stress? How can you put the joy back into the holidays? Simple - RELAX!

That's right, relax! When everyone around you is acting crazed and strangers seem stranger than ever, just take a deep breath and rise above it all. Don't push in line, don't gruffly force your way in traffic, don't speed up when someone signals that they want in to your lane, don't freak back if your parents stress on you first. Do something nice just to be nice. Hold open the door for a group of fellow shoppers, even if it means you have to stand in the rain. Let that person trying to get their car on to a busy street sneak in in front of you, and then don't fret when they drive 10mph under the posted limit. Drop off a box of chocolates at your local video store or library. Give everyone in your grade a card, even those kids who you don't really know. Nothing alleviates stress faster than taking the "high road" and being nice, even when everyone else seems engulfed in a selfish bubble.

We all plan on honoring our family over the holidays, but how many of us actually take the time to honor our community or our world? In order to make this holiday season the best and most fufilling it can be, try our Top 10 Tips for spreading peace and joy to others. You may be surprised at how good it makes you feel to go out of your way for other people.



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