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You may or may not know that this Teen Advice site has not one but two message boards where teens meet and connect. There is quite a solid community at these boards and in the Teen Advice chatroom. If you are part of the Teen Advice family you already know what a cool bunch of people there are just hangin' around, and if you have yet to drop by...

You are missing out on all the words of wisdom and great advice that the teens (and others) who hang out at Teen Advice have to offer. The teens at Teen Advice help each other through bad times, cheer each other on through good times, debate the important issues and share their thoughts and talents. A special thanks must go out to our indespensible Board Goddess Cheyenne whose unwavering commitment and support keeps the Teen Advice Board alive and kicking.

Of course there are the many amazing regulars who give the boards their unique flavor; DURANXIII, RYUSUI, SYSTEMATICDE, HARLEQUINN2, MAGS9922, DAISEELUV, UNKISSED, CAPTAINPOWDE, USMC10, LJBUTTERCUP, VINCEBJS, IAMAMBERGRAC, SASSYCOWGRL, SIMMER219, GYPSYRHIANON, JILLYMOOO, REDCRO1, MCICHOCKI, ANGELFIRE234, STARR407, KARANNA1, MKAZAMA, ZAZU84, RYOKO86, _ARI_, LUVLIGIRL, TELI2, and SHESMILES and all the many others (sorry if I missed you, there are so many people to list). Some of you are new and others have been around longer than me (Mike), but if you hang out at wither one of the Teen Advice forums you know you are part of a special online family.

So, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAKE TEEN ADVICE WHAT IT IS and for those of you who have yet to join the discussions, here is a look at what sort of things we talk about on the boards.

A look at the most memorable things you said in 2002:

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