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Guide Picks - Books on Teen Sexuality
Sex, if you are a teenager chances are good that you wonder about sex from time to time. Even if you have no immediate plans to give sex a try, even if you are proudly dedicated to your virginity, you probably still have more than a few questions on the subject. Is it best to wait until marriage? Will sex hurt? What are the physical risks? What are the emmotional risks? Where does the law stand on teens and sex? What are your reproductive rights? There are more questions than there are good solid answers. Whether you are considering having sex, already having it, or ready and willing to wait, it is normal and healthy to think about the implications of becoming sexually active. We have picked out 10 books that help you understand all aspects of being sexually active; from birth control to age of consent laws, from the power of choosing abstinence to the reality of life as a teen parent, these books cover it all.
1) Your Sexual Health : What Every Teen Should Know about Sex
This book reads like a manual discussing issues like STDs, birth control, pregnancy and adolescent anatomy in a sensitive and informative way. There is nothing sensational about the way this book is written. Dr. Jenny McCloskey presents essential information about sex and sexuality in an easy to understand format.
2) Love, Dating & Sex : What Teens Want to Know
This book in written for older teens (16 and older) and discusses some very senitive issues in a no nonsense, matter-of-fact fashion that teens will appreciate. No tricks, no moral judgements, just facts. Find out all about the complex connection between love, sex and romantic teen relationships. Learn how to decide what is really best for you.
3) Seventeen Guide to Sex & Your Body
From the publishers of "Seventeen" magazine and the author of the magazines "Sex and Your Body" column comes this timely book about teens and sex. Written in Q&A format with important facts highlighted in information side bars, this book has the familiar look and feel of the "Seventeen" magazine. Sure to be a hit with teens, the easy to follow format and honest answers to tough questions make it an essential companion to any parent/teen discussion about sex.
4) The Preteen's First Book about Love, Sex & AIDS
The perfect first book about sex and sexuality for younger teens. An excellent resource on topics important like; love, sex, pregnancy, AIDS, masturbation, dating, homosexuality, and more. Written in 1995 by Dr. Michelle Harrison, M.D the information in this book is still timely. Some hard to talk about subjects are addressed in an open and honset fashion arming teens with important information about the realities of being sexually active.
5) The Date Rape Prevention Book : The Essential Guide for Girls & Women
If you are dating you should know the facts about date rape and this book is an excellent resource on the topic. Not just for girls, guys can benefit from a deeper understanding of this, the most common form of rape. Learn why "no" must always be taken as "no" even if you're not sure it really is "no." An important look at a topic that should be part of sex education, but sadly is not. Read it to learn what date rape is, how you can protect yourself, and where to turn for help.
6) Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids: Where You Came From, How Your Body Changes, and What Sex Is All About
Another book geared toward younger teens. This one written by renowned sex doctor Ruth K. Westheimer and talks about the tough issues with a much needed sense of humour. Teens get the basics about reproduction, an understaning of what puberty does to their body, a firm grasp on the risks of becoming sexually active, and a look at the myths and realities about teen sexuality.
7) Facts about Sex : For Today's Youth
A tastefully illustrated guide for teens, this book explains sex and anatomy in a clean fashion. No sensational depictions here, this book is purely educational. If you are at all curious about your changing body this book is for you. Learn what happens during puberty, what changes and why, what it means to be "sexually mature" and how you can best cope with all those new feelings.
8) All About Birth Control: A Personal Guide
Not just for teens, this book is for anyone who is, or who is considering becoming, sexually active. All forms of birth control are discussed in great detail with the pro's and con's of each clearly noted. A how to use guide, and what to do if birth control fails section round out this very important book. At times the book may read like a biology text, but the in depth information it provides can't be beat. STD protection is also discussed.
9) A Guide To America's Sex Laws
If you wonder about things like Age of Consent and date rape then this book is for you. Broken down in to chapters by state, this book clearly states what the specific laws are within each state. Discussions on variations from state to state, sex acts that are legal in one state but illegal in another and a clear explanation of statutory rape, make this book an interesting read. If you want to know where the law stands on teen sex in your home state, read this book.
10) The Complete Guide to Safer Sex
The phrase "safer sex" was first coined in the 80's and describes sex using protection from STDs, AIDS and pregnancy. This book discusses the real risks of all types of sexual activity, including the failure rate of the various forms of protection. If you think that pregnancy is all that you need to worry about when having sex, think again! This book explains the real risks and the different ways in which you can protect yourself and your partner.
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