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Guide Picks - Gifts for Teen Guys - Wish List 2001
Gift giving and gift getting are part and parcel of the holiday season, and nobody is immune to the frenzy. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or a near and dear friend, our 2001 Wish List can help you out. Check out the 10 hottest gift items for teenaged guys in 2001. Every guy between the ages of 13 and 19 will love these top picks!
1) Casio G-Shock G-Cool Watch
A really cool looking watch with a brain. This watch knows you by name, keeps track of your daily schedule and even stores phone numbers. It will beep a reminder of your scheduled appointments. Shock resistant, water resistant and available in a wide range of colors, this watch is perfect for the busy teenaged boy. Oh yeah, and it tells time up to the second!
2) Pearl Harbour on DVD
An important part of american history comes to life for the next generation in this personalized tale of the events that led to the U.S. involvement in WWII. A little romance, a lot of action and a healthy dose of patriotism are combined to make for a fascinating look at modern history. Available December 4th on DVD (our favorite) or VHS.
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3) Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory CD
Combine rock with rap, hip hop with techno dance, and you end up with the unique sounds of California based linkin Park. This in-your-face debut album from the increasingly popular band has something for everyone. From the mellow "In The End" to the more hard-core sounds of the first track "Papercut", this disk is one of the best of 2000.
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4) Prepaid Cell Phone & Cards
A great gift idea for teens; prepaid cell phones and time cards from MCI Worldcom. Get a Uniden phone with $10 worth of prepaid airtime and when the time is used up, just buy another time card. Cards available in $30, $50, $75, and $100 denominations. No contract, no credit check and no bills with unexpected charges.
5) Polaroid i-Zone Pocket Camera
Fun and funky, the Polaroid i-Zone camera is the perfect gift for every teen. It's the instant camera that fits in your pocket!
Take wallet sized pictures of friends, family and events and preserve your memories forever. The unique sticky film turns your instant photos into stickers that you can put on anything.
6) Fleece-Lined Jeans
The perfect cold weather apparel, Fleece-Lined jeans from Eddie Bauer are both practical and stylish. Available in a variety of cuts from straight leg to carpenter, these jeans are sure to help you make a hot fashion statement.
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7) Ultrawheels Bioflex Series: FX7L In-Line Skate Mens
Inline skates are a great first set of wheels for any teen, and the Ultrawheels Bioflex Series skates are the PT Cruiser of roller blades. Extremely comfortable with superior shock absorption and over-sized wheels, these blades will not only keep you fit, they will keep you looking stylish. Feel the need for speed? These skates are guaranteed to please.
8) Joe Boxer Cotton Boxershorts
These fun and funky boxers are not only comfortable, they are also stylish. Available in a wide variety of fabrics, prints and colors there is something to fit every personality and fashion sense. The signature "Happy Face" style is our favorite, but with a wide variety of choices there will even be something for hard-to-please guys.
9) SONY Ear Bud Phone/Cellular Headset
Hands free chatting; a great gift for the busy teen. This headset is compatible with cordless land lines, cell phones and computers, and allows teens to keep their hands free while talking homework (or other stuff) with their buds. The flexible microphone allows for optimal positioning. Clear voice technology eliminates background noise. Volume control and mute button are on the unit for convenient control. Works with all phones and computers that have a 2.5mm jack.
10) Creative Labs Nomad II MG Portable MP3 Player
By far our most expensive Teen Wish List Pick, this MP3 player is worth every penny. Stores and plays up to 4 hours of your favorite downloaded MP3 tunes, doubles as an AM/FM radio, and in a pinch can be used as a voice recorder for recording class lectures or important reminders. Easy USB connection. Mac and PC compatible. This unit works as an academic tool and an entertainment appliance. Perfect for the serious student and/or music maniac.
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