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What to Expect From Your First Kiss - Teen Advice - About.com
Never been kissed before? Here are 5 things you can expect for your first kiss.
First Kiss Stories - Share the Story of Your First Kiss - Teen Advice
Every first kiss is special (or funny, or horrifying) in its own way. See what it was like for other folks to lock lips for the first time, and if you're lucky enough to have ...
How to Know the Right Time for a First Kiss - Teen Advice - About.com
Learn the 6 nonverbal signs that someone wants to kiss you and the right time to give someone a first kiss, and how to do a first kiss.
First Kiss After Getting a Romantic Gift - Share Your Story: My First Kiss
I looked up at him smiling and we both leaned in and kissed. My first kiss was absolutely magical and romantic. Even though it didn't last longer it was something ...
First Kiss in the Woods at a Bonfire - Share Your Story: My First Kiss
Come share the story of your first kiss, and read other people's first time kiss stories! ... We kissed against a tree about 30 metres away from the bonfire.
Nervous First Kiss in the 6th Grade - Share Your Story: My First Kiss
My first kiss was when I was 11!! I was real young! It was my 1st year in middle school(6th grader)lol; well he was my first boyfriend & I knew he was experienced  ...
First Kiss with Her Ex-Boyfriend After School - Share Your Story: My ...
Come share the story of your first kiss, and read other people's first time kiss ... tears, looked at me said I love you forever, pulled up my chin and gave me a kiss!
Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser? - Teen Advice - About.com
A quick and easy quiz to help you determine if your kissing style is magical or all wet. quiz quizzes teen quizzes quizzes ... Q: When you first kiss somebody you.
Magical First Kiss with her Boyfriend - Share Your Story: My First Kiss
My first kiss was with my first boyfriend, after school. How Did it Happen? My first kiss felt exactly how I wanted it to be: Magical. It was February 12, 2010, a week ...
First Kiss While Playing Truth or Dare - Share Your Story: My First Kiss
Then we started to dare with kisses. I, naturally, got picked on first for both, and was dared to hug, and then kiss this one girl who everybody thought liked me and ...
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