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How to Kiss Like in

Get Help NOW! Contact a Crisis Line
If you are a teen facing a crisis and need to talk to a real person RIGHT NOW, try contacting one of these agencies.

Teen Quizzes
Take a quiz to see if your ready for sex, what your personality is like, what your love IQ is, what kind of date you are, if you are at risk for unwanted pregnancy, if your friend is a suicide risk ... you name it, there's a quiz for it!

10 Things You Oughta Know About...
A list of the top ten things you should know about a variety of different topics. From AIDS to zits, this is a growing index of easy to read quick facts.

Teen Life Q&A - Featured Questions
Get help and advice; you ask the questions, we give the answers!

Your Teen Life FAQs
The most commonly asked questions on a variety of topics of interest to teens. You asked, we answered!

He Says/She Says - Teen Q&A
Guys and girls don't always see things the same way, especially when it comes to relationships. Be they friendships or tomances, guys and girls need help seeing the other side. Here we'll deal with problems and show you both sides.

Prom Tips, Advice & Information
Your one-stop Prom resource with links to Prom night information, romantic dating advice, fashion and beauty tips, and Prom related Top Picks.

Just for Guys
Guy stuff! A closer look at your body, your feelings, and how your world is changing everyday.

Just for Girls
Girl stuff! A closer look at your body, your feelings, and how your world is changing everyday.

Teen to Teen Advice
Get advice from your peers - teen to teen. Sometimes the best advice you can get comes from people your own age. Links to peer advice sites and boards.

Medical Advice for Teens
Get free advice about your changing body from doctors and other medical professionals. There are no stupid questions if it concerns your body.

Advice From Experts
Get advice on issues that concern teens from experts in teen life. Experts in many fields are available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Suicide & Depression
Get advice on dealing with depression and depression related issues like suicide, including advice on how to help a friend in need.

Report School Violence - Tip Lines
A list of links to tip lines, many anonymous, where you can report threats of violence at school.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment at School
A look at the problem of sexual harassment at school and tips to help you handle it if it happens to you.

Tips for Talking to Your Parents
The best way to stay safe and be smart is to be open and honest with your parents. Here are some tips to help you start talking about difficult issues.

Peer Pressure
Peer pressure can be both positive and negative. Find out more about how peer pressure works, when to stand up against it, and when to "give in".

Beauty & Fashion
Everything that fashion savvy girls (and guys) need to know to stand out in the crowd. Advice on trends, accessories, work out gear and more.

Love & Dating
A look at love and dating, breaking up and making up - teen style! Lots of advice about how to stay freinds with an ex, how to survive an unwanted break up, and how to let someone know you like them.

What is Love? Am I "In Love"?
Answers to common questions about love. How can you tell if you are really in love, and what does it mean to "be in love"?

Kissing Tips & Techniques
Become a kissing expert with the tips and advice on these pages.

Breaking Up - How To Do It/How To Cope
Answers to common questions about breaking up. How do you break up with someone? How do you deal with being dumped? Get help, support and advice.

Sex & Abstinence
Information about sex, including the choice not to have it. Includes birth control advice, health perspectives and emotional issues surrounding.

Virginity - Fact and Fiction
What is virginity? What does it mean to "lose it? Is everybody really "doing it? Answers to your virginity related questions with tips and advice to help you stay abstinent.

Birth Control - Options & Facts
Learn about your contraceptive choices. Information about oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera, abstinence, IUDs, the diaphargm, and cervical cap, the sponge emergency contraception, condoms, and natural/rythm planning methods. What is the best choice?

"Am I Pregnant?" - How to Tell
A look at the symptoms of pregnancy and what it takes to get pregnant (hint: you have to have sexual intercourse).

STD Symptoms & Information
Information about STDs; the symptoms, causes and cures.

Date Rape - What is it?
A look at the most common type of rape, date rape, including resources for victims and victimizers.

Your Changing Body - Puberty
Get help dealing with all the changes that puberty brings.

Body Image & True Beauty
Beauty is much more than just skin deep. Body image can sufferwhen ideas of beauty are unrealistic. Find out if you have a realistic body image.

Your Period
Links and information about menstruation, help understanding what is normal and when you should get outside help.

Using Tampons - Myths & Facts
How to use tampons; it doesn't effect your virginty, it doesn't hurt, and you don't have to be sexually active to use them.

Abuse In Relationships
Help and advice for teens in abusive relationships and/or families. If you have a friend in an abusive situtation, you can find out how to help here.

Sexual Abuse and Assault
Links to help and advice for survivors and victims of sexual assault and abuse. If you are being sexually assaulted or are the friend of a victim, these links may help you out.

Street Smarts & Personal Safety
Links to help teens stay safe while out for the night - be street smart! Important information about self defense, personal security, avoiding an attack, getting away from an attacker and what to do after an attack.

College Life & Lessons
Everything you need to help you get in to college or university, and what to expect once you are there. Financial Aid, SAT and PSAT tips, choosing a college, campus social activities and groups and more.

Career Planning for Teens
Career information for teens. Plan your dream career, find a cool job or get some experience as a volunteer. Teen Advice will show you how with resume building tips, interviewing skills and job hunting advice.

Cutting, Branding & Self Injury
Help when internal psychological struggles turn outward.

Dealing with Shyness
Links and information to help you overcome your shyness and gain self confidence.

Death, Loss & Grieving
If you have lost someone you love or care about, these links on coping with death and grief may help.

Driving is a big responsibility, make sure that you are really ready for the road! Use these links to ensure you are up to speed on driving and road responsibility.

Dropping Out of School
A look at the reality of being a high school drop out - it really isn't worth it!

Drugs & Alchohol
Information about drug and alcohol use in teenagers, the warning signs that there is a problem, and how to get help for addiction.

Facts and Tips on Masturbation
The real deal about masturbation, what is normal, what is not and what you have to know about masturbation myths.

Fortune Tellers for Teens
Just for fun - let fate decide what is in store for you! Sites for the fortune seeking teen.

Family Issues - Getting Along
Advice and links to help you cope with parents and other family members. What to do when you and your loved ones clash or can't see eye to eye.

Friendships & Fitting In
Tips and hints to help you avoid the popularity trap, enjoy and nurture your friendships, and be happy with who you are and who you hang with.

Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues
Some advice for gay teens trying to come to terms with who they are, wanting to come out, needing help dealing with parents and finding other gay teens for support.

Health & Fitness
Nutrition, fitness, body image and health links for teens. Get a healthy body and a healthy body image with the advice and tips on these pages.

Homework Help
Links for help in all subjects. Great homework help sites for teens of all ages.

Use the stars to guide your decisions and give you inspiration. Astrology and readings just for teens.

Online Diaries & Journals
Read the personal stories of other teens, or post your own saga on the web. WARNING: Some sites offer a private service, but most require you to put your thoughts on the WWW.

Marijuana Use - The Facts
A look at the reality of marijuana use and addiction.

Money Management
The truth about making, saving and spending money. A look at the things that every teen should know.

Religions of the World
The various religions and what they teach us about life.

Running Away - Facts and Realities
Running away is not this great grasp for freedom that many teens think it is, it is a difficult ordeal that often leaves you wishing you had stayed put. Here are facts and stories from the frontline.

Smoking Information and Quitting Support
Information about smoking among teenagers, the health consequences, the effects of second hand smoke, and how to get help for addiction.

Teen Pregnancy, Marriage & Parenthood
Get advice and support from experts, professionals and teen aged parents. Explore the good, the bad and the reality of; having a baby, getting married, being pregnant, giving a child up, or being a teen parent.

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens
Gain experience and help others by volunteering. A list of volunteer opportunities in North America for teens.

Youth Gangs & Gang Violence
Find out why people join gangs, what they are really like, and how you can get out.

War: Coping & Understanding
With all the war rhetoric teens are feeling stressed. Find out more about the issues, the real threats Iraq, North Korea and terrorists pose, and the reality of war for teens all over the world.

Wet Dreams
Wet Dreams: what are they, why do they happen, and are they normal? All a teen needs to know about this phenomena.

My Story/First Person Archives
A list of previous "My Story" accounts as told by teens all over the world.

Before You Buy
Important information that every teen should know before they buy anything. Arranged by specific topics.

Top Picks
The Teen Advice Guides top picks on teen specific items and products. Arranged by category.

Product Reviews
Product reviews that will help you decide whether or not to make that buy.

Teen Checklists: Before You...
Before you do anything check out our teen life checklists: know the facts and get tips on how to deal with a variety of teen life issues.

Top Picks - Acne Treatments for Teens
You can successfully control most break outs and flare ups with over-the-counter acne products and we've assembled a list of the most teen friendly products on the market. Take a look at our top picks for acne fighting products.

Top Picks - Bras for Teens
A look at the many different bras on the market; which style is best for you? Find out which bras made our top picks lists.

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