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Top 5 Acne Fighting Systems


A look at the Teen Advice Guide's favorite acne fighting systems; complete acne fighting products that include more than one step but yield above excellent results.

1. Reversion

Superior acne control. In two simple steps, used twice daily, you'll see significant improvements in your skin within the first two weeks. With regular use, even difficult acne is brought under control. The system uses a special wash followed up by an acne treatment and the moisturizer of your choice (very recommended). Fairer types can get away with once daily use. A very impressive product.

2. DAK Acne Fighters

Acnesil, our very favorite all natural acne fighting product has a host of complimentary products that we highly recommend. Oily skin that's prone to harsh flare-ups will greatly benefit from the following three products used in conjunction; wash with Botanical Body Wash & Shower Gel, follow up with AcneVention during the day or Acnesil at night. For occasional spot treatments try Acne Dry Spot.

3. Proactive

Endorsed by flawless stars like Elle Macpherson, Vanessa Williams and Stephanie Seymour, this stuff may seem like a hoax, but it really works. A four step system used religiously, two time each day, will clear up most acne within two weeks and will contain stubborn acne within a month. If you are frustrated with your acne this is well worth the investment in both time and money.

4. Acne Complex Kit

From the Murad line of skin care products, an excellent four part acne control system. Specially designed to dramatically reduce breakouts, while helping to heal, soothe and hydrate acne irritated skin. Each kit contains a two month supply of products intended to be used together; Clarifying Skin Cleanser, Acne Prone Skin Formula, Skin Perfecting Lotion, and Acne Management Formula.
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5. Dermafina Clear Skin Acne System

Dermafina is a clinically-tested 4-step clear skin system that combines the most advanced anti-acne ingredients with time-tested remedies. Designed to fight the five leading causes of acne; clogged pores, surface bacteria, oily skin, imbalances and poor skin cell turn-over. Use the system as directed and you will see results within two weeks.
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