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How To Apply for Your First Job


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There's a first time for everything and getting a job is no exception. Here are some tips and tricks to help you land that first job.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. When cold calling (applying for a job that is not advertised) always drop off a resume or fill out an application during off-peak hours. Never show up during the busiest time of day or just before closing; this is a sure fire way to NOT get an interview.
  2. If answering an advertised position only show up during the times stated in the ad. If no times are specified the same rules apply as in a cold call, never show up at the busiest time of day or just before closing.
  3. If applying for a job you have heard about from word of mouth or through a friend make sure to mention how you heard about the job when dropping off your resume. Ask the person who told you about the position for the name of the manager or person doing the hiring and ask specifically for this individual. Also find out the best time to drop off a resume.
  4. Have a resume ready and attach it to any application form you are asked to fill out. Keep your resumes neatly in a folder and keep the folder within easy reach in a bag or backpack.
  5. Dress neatly, conservatively but also casually. Avoid trendy clothes, jeans, or personal identity statements (like a Mohawk or political t-shirt) unless they are fitting to the job, for example; trendy is OK if the job is in a trendy clothing store. For more see jobsearch.about.com
  6. Remove piercing that may be objectionable and obvious to an employer such as facial piercing and keep tattoos covered unless these things seem fitting (or even desirable) at the place of employment.
  7. Politely approach the first available employee and ask if they are hiring. Never interrupt a conversation, wait patiently until you are acknowledged.
  8. If you speak to anybody but a manager and are told they are not hiring ask if you can leave a resume anyway and be sure to get the managers name and the next time they will be working. Stop by a second time when you know the manager will be available.
  9. Follow up in person a few days after you drop of an application or resume. Make sure you follow up when you know the manager will be there. When you stop in simply restate your interest in the job and let the manager know that you hope they’ll keep you in mind when there’s an opening.
  10. Always be polite, speak clearly and don’t stay too long. For example, if you just dropped a resume at a record store don’t stick around to do some shopping. Never blur the line between potential employee and customer.
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