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Teen to Teen - Part 1

Your best advice, teen to teen.


Amanda R.
Topic: Asserting Individuality

Be yourself and say what you feel because the people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind.

Molly M.
Topic: Loving Others

Last night I was given some of the best advice I have ever received. I was reading a book called "Tuesdays with Morrie". It is a well-known book about a dying college professor who gives a final class to an old student (Mitch Albom), teaching him the lessons of life before he is gone. In the book Morrie offers many simple yet powerful aphorisms and one hit me hard. "Devote yourself to loving others". Such a simple phrase but yet such a complex and difficult thing to do. It is easy to say you love someone, but to devote yourself to the action of loving others?! Wow! He speaks of the kind of love that you hand out to everyone for free: parents, siblings, relatives, friends, enemies, strangers, the elderly etc. This would mean that at times I would have to be completely selfless, not worry about myself but think solely of others. This kind of love is the kind of love that could mend a broken world if everyone put it to practice. It is hard advice to take, however lovely it may sound. I want to embrace this advice and put it to practice every day, but human nature would have me think of myself and my needs first. I have to learn to be selfless first and thinking of others isn't one of my strong points. Little by little I hope to work up to the point where I can forgive the pain and hurt those around me have caused and devote myself to loving them. After all, repaying anger with anger and hate with it will get me nowhere. To learn to love is to learn to live.

Leteya S.
Topic: Following Your Heart

The best advice that I received was to always follow my heart. My best friend gave me the advice and I am so happy that I took the advice because if I didn't I would be missing out on the love of my life. I thank God that I accepted that advice and I thank my friend for giving it to me.

Stephanie S.
Topic: Trusting Your Parents/Teachers

I was in a bad situation at home and I needed to get things out so one of my teachers, we'll call her Mrs. K., was there to listen. I did some really bad stuff. She was there when I needed her and I was allowed to share some personal stuff with her. She gave me some advice and told me to talk to my parents about what I was sharing with her. I did and things with my parents got better, they helped me out when I thought they would ream me out. Thanks Mrs. K.

Faith W.
Topic: Appreciating What You Have

My brother taught me that life wasn't always fair. To live life to it's fullest, to take every chance you get at being who you really are, to not give in to material things, to think about real things in life... this is what is important.

Niall C.
Topic: Being a Gay Teen

I'm gay, and for a long time I had a problem with that. It was a close friend that forced me to realize that my sexuality didn't define me. I thought everyone would see me as "the gay guy" but I overlooked and underestimated everyone. Sure I'm gay but that doesn't define who I am. I'm the guy who pushed you on the swing, I'm the guy you watched videos and ate pizzas with, I'm the guy who dragged you home from the club when you passed out, I'm the guy who let you cry on my shoulder when you suffered heart-ache and I'm still the guy who will always be there for you. Whether I'm gay or not, true friends and family will like you for who you are not what you are. Always be true to yourself..

Kimberly V.
Topic: Moving On

The best advice that anybody has ever given me was to never stay in the past and to keep on moving on, because the past is the past and it won't ever help you out in the future.

Lindsay H.
Topic: Real Love vs Puppy Love

After seeing my first real serious boyfriend for about 4 months I told my best male friend that I thought I was in love and his reply to me has always stuck in my head. He said, "Love is just a tennis term". Of course after being broken up for over a year, I now realize that it was more of a crush or rather puppy love, and I laugh at the thought of truly thinking I was in love. However this quote from my closest friend has become one of my favorites and I've used it on many occasions. I thought it was cute and thought you might too.

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