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It's election time again and you finally have a chance to make a difference in the future of this fine nation. How you may ask? By voting we say! Get out there, cast a ballot, make a point, and be heard. Confused about how to register, what the issues are, who the candidates are and how to vote in your area? These youth oriented voter websites will give you all the answers and make casting your vote as easy and painless as blinking.

1. SmackDown! Your Vote

Those intimidating wrestlers are out to get you, but don't worry they have your best interests at heart. What do they want you wonder in a panic? They want you to vote and the WWE sponsored website is an interesting, youth friendly place with all the information you need to make an informed decision. One stop here and you'll be a seasoned voter even if it's your very first time in the ring.

2. Rock the Vote

With information on all the candidates, transcripts from presidential candidate appearances and everything you could ever need in order to register and vote, this site is a must visit for any politically motivated youth. It will leave you ready to rock and roll down to your nearest polling station.

3. Project Vote Smart

Just like the name suggests this site will ensure that your vote is a smart vote. Full of information about all things election, from who the players are to how to register, this site is one to watch.

4. Youth Vote 2008

By youth for youth this site is a newsy site geared toward informing young voters about all the campaign rhetoric and how they relate to youth issues and concerns. The interactive map tells you how college students where you live are voting and displays the latest campaign news.

5. The Candidate Calculator - Find Your Candidate

This site will tell you and will inform you all about the people trying to win your vote. Answer a few questions and the cool tool at this site will show you which candidates share your views.

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