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Cutting, Branding & Self Injury

Help when internal psychological struggles turn outward.
About Self Injury Links
From the About.com Depression site, links to even more information about self injury. Not just for teens, but very important information is covered here.
About Self Injury Explained
From the About.com Mental Health site, a look at self injury, it's causes and the efects it has on sufferers and their loved ones.
Coping with Self Injury
Taken from the About.com Bipolar Forum, some real life discussions about coping and living with self injury.
Are you a cutter?
A personal web page on Angefire. From onecutter to another an important message, "you are not alone". Find outhow ine person recovered and how you can get help too.
Diary of a Self Harmer
Another GeoCities personal page. This one is in diary form and is very easy to read. Compelling insights. Lots of helpful information for anyone who is harming themselves.
Alternatives to Self Injury
A list of some alternatives to self injury that worked for one person. Not a medical analysis, but a personal sharing of information one person found helpful - you may find it helpful too.
Distracting Yourself from Self Injury
Some tips to help you stay focused on the issues in your life and to avoid self injury as an escape.
Reasons People Self Injure
A good look at the motivations behind self injury, from the most common to the most difficult to accept. Find out why this happens. A GeoCities page.
Personal Experiences with Self Injury
Taken from the About.com Bipolar Forum, some real life discussions about experiences with self injury.
Safety Tips to Avoid Self Injury
From "MollyKat" a cutter, some suggestions to help you safety proof your life while recovering from self injurious behavior.
Self Injury - A Struggle
An online network started by a 16 year old former cutter. A well presented site with lots of useful information. If you hurt yourself, you'll want to see this site.
Online Support Group
A great online support board for people dealing with self injury. Free with weekly all inclusive chats. From Support-Group.com.
Self Injury - You're Not Alone
A Tripod site. A good sorce of suport and information from a recovered self injuror. Get help and learn that you are not alone.
Secret Shame - Self Injury Support
A great place to find information and support on self injury. Dealing with things like; cutting, scarring, branding, burning, bone breaking, eye pressing and other harmful acts. Very good site.
Self Harm - A Safe Place
An excellent site with two sections - one for people who hurt themselves, and one for people who want to help someone who hurts themselves. An excellent resource and support network.
"Self-Mutilation" in Psychiatry -- One Patients View
A personal account of cutting and how it was handled by Phsyciatric medicine. A good story for anyone who is self injurious to read.
Self Injury - Getting Help
Some good advice about self injury; what causes it and how you can overcome it. From Mirror Mirror.
From the About.com Bipolar site, a look at the wounds, external and interbal, that are caused by self injury.

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