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Everything You Need to Know About Summer Flings

Summer Love: What it Means, and How to Find It


Everything You Need to Know About Summer Flings

Love: it's way more fun when it's in the sun.

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What is it about the summer that creates the perfect conditions for summer flings? Let's explore the phenomenon of summer love, from why it happens to how to hold onto it well into the cold weather.

Summer Flings: Why They Happen

3 factors make summer love a lot more likely than fall, winter or spring love:
  1. Freedom from Rules. Summertime means no school and a lot less pestering from your parents. You might go to camp or go on trips without any parental supervision at all. That means there's no one to pull you away from potential love.

  2. Freedom from Cliques. If you're away from your classmates, you won't feel constraints that might keep you from people who don't fit right into your clique. That means you might talk to interesting new people you wouldn't think twice about during the school year.

  3. Sunshine. More sunlight means more melatonin and serotonin (chemicals in your brain that make you happy), so it's no surprise that people have more fun with each other during sunny weather. Plus, the warm weather means more opportunities for fun dates at flirty places like the beach.

Where to Find Summer Love

If you're on the prowl for a summer fling, your odds will be better if you look in one of these spots.
  • Get a Job. A summer job is a great place to meet new people, and the bond you share with your coworkers often leads to something more. If you're not sure where to start your job hunt, here's some help.
  • Volunteer Somewhere. Burn off some of your community service hours at a place that fits your personality, and you'll surround yourself with similar (and possibly date-worthy) people.
  • Go Out with Your Friends. Gather your friends together and hit the mall, beach, amusement park and other fun summer spots. It's easier to approach new people when you've got some moral support. Plus, even if you don't meet anyone, you'll still have fun trying.
  • Scour Your List of Facebook Friends. Your summer fling might be hiding right under your nose. Get to know your acquaintances and not-so-close friends in a different context - away from the pressures of school and cliques - and you might be surprised by what you find.

Will Your Summer Love Last?

If you're in the midst of a summer fling, this Summer Fling Quiz is a good way to tell whether or not your fling will last into the fall.

Some flings are only meant to be just that - short little romances between two people looking for fun but nothing long-term. If one or more of you is dating someone else back home, or if what's fueling your romance is the fact that it's exciting (and not the fact that there's any real connection between you), then the flames will probably die out come fall.

But if you're hoping it's more than just a fling, follow these 6 Steps to Help Make Your Summer Love Last.

How to Get Over a Summer Fling

The best way to get over anyone (from a crush to a summer fling to a long-term love) is to follow these 7 Steps for Getting Over Someone.

In the case of summer love, it's also important to remember that summer flings aren't always supposed to last. Summer flings are often more about the celebration of warm weather & freedom from school than about finding a long-term relationship. If your fling doesn't make it long-term, don't be sad: celebrate the fact that you got to experience it in the first place, and use what you've learned to help you with relationships in the future.
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