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Do You Have Tips on How to Keep a Boyfriend?


Do You Have Tips on How to Keep a Boyfriend?

Don't look for a quick fix to trap the one you love.

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Question: Do You Have Tips on How to Keep a Boyfriend?
I just started dating a new guy, and I'm worried that he'll lose interest in me. Do you have any tips on how to keep a boyfriend interested?
Answer: I get this question a lot, and I wish I didn't, 'cause it's a dangerous way to look at relationships. Here's why:
  • When you start dating someone, you have no way of knowing whether it's gonna be something that ought to last. Don't panic about losing your boyfriend till you're really sure you want to keep him around.

  • Don't forget that your new boyfriend has gotta do some work to hold onto you, too. Don't make your relationship all about making sure he's comfortable - make sure you're happy. If you don't, you're undervaluing yourself.
Take things slowly, get to know each other - and most importantly, be yourself. If you're incompatible with your new guy, then you're better off breaking up than sweating over trying to make it work.
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