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Tips for Writing Great Love Letters

Romantic Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend or Girlfriend


Want to send your sweetie a love letter to express your feelings?  If you want to be a total cornball, copy a letter word-for-word from a website.  But if you want to give your boyfriend or girlfriend something that'll actually be treasured, your love letter's got to come from the heart.

Need help getting started? Here are some tips for writing a great love letter.

1. Write in a Quiet Place with No Distractions

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When you write your love letter, your want your mind to be on your sweetie, not on the score of the basketball game or the latest episode of "Glee."  Lock yourself in your room, turn the stereo off and concentrate completely on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. Write It Out (On Real Paper)

Emails are convenient, but your sweetie will cherish your letter way more if he or she can actually hold it. Don't just type it and print it out, either. Handwriting is way more personal and intimate.

3. Include the Date in Your Love Letter

That way, when it's discovered in the back of your sweetie's attic in twenty years, he or she will know exactly when you sent it.

4. Don't Use Flowery Words You Wouldn't Really Say

Phrases like "from the depths of my soul" come off as corny and fake if you're not a "depths of my soul" kind of person. Speak in your real voice, and your love letter will feel more personal and less English Lit class.

5. Don't Compare Him or Her to Other People

This is good advice for writing love letters or just for talking to your sweetie in person.  Comparing him or her to other people - especially people you've dated before - can come off as creepy or even offensive.

6. Don't Ramble

You might feel like a champ for writing a love letter that takes up 10 whole pages, but ramblings are hard to read. Stick to clear, concise points, just like Mrs. Rakow in 7th grade English taught you.

7. When in Doubt, Just List What You Like About Him or Her

Love letters don't have to be written in paragraphs.  If it's easier for you, just make a list of all those little things you love about your sweetie - like the way they laugh, or the way they can always tell the mood you're in just from your texts.  The more specific, the better.

8. Check Your Spelling

You should check your spelling whenever you write anything, not just love letters.  But since love letters are so long-lasting (your sweetie might hold onto yours for years), it's doubly important to check for spelling errors. 

9. Write Another One

You can't really sum up your feelings for your boyfriend or girlfriend in one letter, can you? Love letters are real, tangible keepsakes that'll always remind your sweetie of you. Send him or her a whole bunch and you'll never be forgotten.

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