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Get teenage dating advice & sex advice from About.com's Teen Advice guide.
  1. Getting a Date
  2. Falling in Love
  3. Boyfriends & Girlfriends
  1. Kissing Tips & Tricks
  2. Straight Answers About Sex
  3. Breaking Up

Getting a Date

Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or got a crush on someone special? Learn how to flirt with a girl or guy and find out how to get a date.

Falling in Love

What's love all about, and what does it mean to fall in love? Is there a difference between like and love? Get love advice for teens.

Boyfriends & Girlfriends

If you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you might need advice on where to go on dates, or how to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Get boyfriend & girlfriend advice here.

Kissing Tips & Tricks

Wanna know how to kiss like a pro? Get kissing tips, from the basics on how to French kiss, to how to kiss a girl or guy so they'll never forget you, to how to mix it up with different types of kisses.

Straight Answers About Sex

Get answers to the most common teen questions about sex - like what is sex, exactly, and what is sex like to have? Learn how to have safe sex, and find out if you're really, truly ready for sex.

Breaking Up

Is it time for you to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend - or did you just get dumped? Get break up tips and find out the quickest way to get over your ex.

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