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Advice on Teen Crushes and Getting a Date

Tips on navigating the beginnings of teen relationships


Having crushes, asking people out on dates, and going on first dates are a huge adrenaline rush. They're also things that can produce a lot of anxiety for teens. Learn how to feel more comfortable around your crush and how to get the courage to make a first date happen with these teen dating tips.

Finding Someone To Date

If you want to start dating, you've got to meet somebody you're interested in spending time with one-on-one. Lucky for you, Teen Advice has loads of tips on how to meet people you might be interested in dating.

Knowing If Someone Likes You

When you have a crush on somebody, it's often hard to tell if they like you in a romantic way, a just-friends way, or not at all. Here are some ways to know if that special somebody likes you in a romantic way.

Asking Someone on a Date

Asking someone on a date takes a lot of courage and the ability to stay calm. These tips on asking out your crush are designed with these facts in mind -- and lots of tried-and-true advice from teen love experts.

Making a Great First Impression

When you go on that first date with someone -- even if you've known them for a while -- you want to sweep them off their feet with your charm, class, and charisma. Find out how it's done with these tips on how to make a great first impression.

Staying Safe on First Dates and Beyond

It's easy to get so caught up in chasing your crush that you don't look out for your safety. Learn how to protect yourself from date rape, relationship violence, and other unsafe dating situations with these tips.

Coping with Unrequited Love

In a perfect world, we'd all be able to date exactly who we want all of the time. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world where hearts get broken every day. One of the worst types of heartbreak involves loving somebody who doesn't love you back, otherwise known as unrequited love. Find out how to cope with it and move on with your life with these tips.

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