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Death, Loss & Grieving

Understanding the grieving process...
Teens & Grief
A Q & A with Elena Lister, M.D., contributor to Laura Dower's book, "I Will Remember You." How do teens deal with death? How does youth factor into the grieving process? Answers for teens dealing with death.
The Story of Amy
Amy tells the story of how she and her friends coped with the tragic and senseless murder of a dear friend and his family. From About.com
30 Steps for Handling Grief
A list of activities and suggestions to help you cope with an unexpected loss. From the mother of Jared, a boy who killed himself. Also, some helpful suicide links and advice.
Apathy as an Expression of Grief
A look at how one teens apparent apathy to a loss may actually be a coping mechanism. From parentsplace.com
Guiding Angels - The Loss of a Parent
An online support group for people dealing with the loss of a parent. Includes information about the grieving process. From growww.org
How to Help a Grieving Friend
An excerpt from the book "What to Do When the Police Leave: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss". From the memorial web page of Will, a murdered teen.
Teens & Grief
An article on helping teens cope with grief. Written for parents but the advice may help teens understand why loved ones "say the things they do". From hospicenet.org
Virtual Memorial Ground
Established in 1995, this site provides free (text only) online obituaries for loved ones and pets. Place an obituary here, or read those placed by others.

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