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Drugs & Alcohol

What's the truth about cigarettes, illegal drugs and alcohol? Get the real facts here. Educating yourself about drug use, alcohol abuse and smoking might even save your life one day, whether you've never touched the stuff or you're trying to quit.

10 Reasons Not to Drink
Just because there's alcohol around you, that doesn't mean you have to drink it - it's pretty easy to say no and drink some soda or something. But don't do it just because I said so. Do it because getting drunk could make your night (and possibly a lot of nights after it) a whole lot worse. Here are 10 reasons why.

What Went Wrong When I Got Drunk
Share your teenage drinking story and your reasons not to drink if you're a ateen. See submissions

How to Say No to Drinking
Wanna stay sober at a party without doing damage to your social life? Saying no to alcohol is way easier than you think, and if you do it right, you'll end up looking much cooler than all the binge drinkers around you.

My First Experience with Peer Pressure
What is peer pressure, and what are the effects of peer pressure? Hear stories of teenage peer pressure, told by the teens themselves. See submissions

20 Fast Facts About Cigarette Smoking
Most people who smoke first light up a cigarette when they're teenagers. In fact, 80% of smokers began the habit before they turned 18. Here are a few quick facts about cigarette smoking, nicotine and tobacco that you may not have heard before. Even if you have, they're facts that are worth keeping in mind when your friends and relatives light up a cigarette.

10 Things You Need to Know About Alcohol
Think you know all there is to know about booze? Check out this info sheet - you might be surprised by some of the facts on it.

Teen Life Drug & Alcohol FAQ
Your six most asked questions about drugs and alcohol. Teen advice FAQ on drugs and alcohol. Why are alcohol and cigarettes legal when pot is not?

No-Nonsense Drug Information for Teens
You've probably gotten some information about drugs already: The adults in your life have undoubtedly told you that drugs are bad about a million times. However, what does that mean, and why are drugs so risky for teenagers? Here are a few of the drugs that you must be well-educated about as a teen.

Binge Drinking and Teens
Binge drinking is very common among teens, but lots of people aren't aware that their drinking habits qualify as bingeing. Find out what binge drinking means, the risks of bingeing on alcohol, and how to kick the habit.

Get the Facts About Cocaine
Lots of people think of cocaine as a has-been '80s drug, but cocaine and teens are still a very popular pair. It's still causing lots of problems for teens, too. Get the facts about cocaine and other cocaine-based drugs such as crack and speedballs.

Get the Facts About Inhalants
Inhalants are everyday products such as glue, gasoline, and hairspray, which some teens try to get high from by sniffing or "huffing" them. Though it may not seem dangerous, huffing is one way many teens hurt themselves -- or die -- each year. Get the facts about inhalants: what they are, how they work, and why they're dangerous to use, even just once.

Get the Facts About Marijuana
Get the facts on marijuana and information on the different forms of this drug. Learn about the dangers of smoking pot, how it affects your brain and the rest of your body, and how to quit.

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