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10 Teenage Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Cute Halloween Costumes


Halloween can be a tricky time if you're a teen.  You're too old to go trick-or-treating, but you still want to dress up...though maybe in something a little more mature than the costumes you wore when you were a kid.  Here are some fun options, whether you want to go all-out or just wear a couple of accessories.

1. Greek Goddess Costume

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Buy a goddess dress, or get creative and make a toga from a white sheet and adorn it with gold thread.  Wear strappy sandals with laces that criss-cross over your calves.  Make a crown out of plastic ivy (you can find it in craft stores) and wear it over loose, curly hair.

2. Angel Costume

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Buy angel wings and halo from a costume shop, wear them with a white dress and silver heels or flats, and decorate your face (or just your eyelids) with glittery silver makeup.  If you want to go for a "fallen angel" look, wear a black dress and black wings instead.

3. Sailor Girl Costume

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Buy a complete sailor costume, or just get a sailor hat (you can find one for cheap at an Army Navy store) and wear it with a navy blue dress, or a striped shirt and navy blue skirt.  To make your costume extra cute, wear it with red tights and red shoes.  Ahoy!

4. Witch Costume

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You can do a witch costume without looking like a hag. Try this wickedly cute black and purple witch dress, or just wear all black, a classic pointed black hat and some goth-inspired makeup.  Wear your hair long and straight, or buy this cool spider web-inspired wig.

5. Grown-Up Tinker Bell Costume

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Buy an official Tinker Bell costume, or just buy some lime Tinker Bell wings and a wand separately and wear them with a light green dress.  Wear your hair in a tight bun at the top of your head.

6. Betty Boop Costume

Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Betty Boop's been around for decades, and she's still super hot.  This version of the Betty Boop costume comes with a cute red strapless dress and wig.  If you're planning on spending some time out in the cold, I recommend pairing it with a white or leopard-print faux fur coat.

7. Cute Kitty Costume

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You can do a cat Halloween costume in a couple of ways:  go minimal with cat ears, painted-on whiskers and and black shirt and pants; or if you're feeling bold, wear a cute leopard-print cat outfit and tail.  Meow!

8. Punk Rock Costume

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A good punk rock costume involves a lot of funky temporary hair dye (or a punk rock wig), a leather jacket with a ton of safety pins, a band t-shirt and torn-up jeans.  You could also wear a leather mini-skirt, torn-up fishnet stockings and motorcycle boots.  Get creative!

9. Hippie Costume

Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Buy a psychadelic go-go dress and headband, or build a hippie costume out of bell-bottom jeans, a tie-dye shirt and a very groovy peace sign necklace. Wear your hair straight and parted in the middle, with a headband across your forehead.

10. And for the Very Bold...Sexy Big Bird Costume

Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Okay, it might be a little corny...but at least you can guarantee that no one'll have a costume quite like it.  Besides, there's something kind of awesome about this flapper-inspired Big Bird costume.

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