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The Best Songs for Every Big Teen Moment

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Music is a huge part of everyone's life, especially during those super-emotional moments that beg for a soundtrack.  And during your teen years, there are so many of those moments.  Here are my picks for what songs go along best with every big teen moment.  If you've got your own favorite song, be sure to tell us all about it.

The Best Teen Breakup Song

My pick: I Want You Back by the Jackson 5.  Because moping around and missing your ex is hard, but it's a little easier if you get up and shake your booty.

The Best Teen Unrequited Love Song

My pick: The Book of Love by the Magnetic Fields.  The lyrics are probably about a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they can also describe loving someone you're still hoping to date. You know the feeling: your friends might not get what you see in your crush, but to you, everything that person says and does seems absolutely perfect, and all you want is to be near them.

The Best Teen Friend Song

My pick: Lean on Me by Bill Withers, because it gets to the heart of what the best friendships are all about.

The Best Teen Song About Falling in Love

My pick: Wouldn't It Be Nice by the Beach Boys.  There's about 50 bajillion love songs out there, but I picked this one because the lyrics describe teenage love so well: the longing to be together all the time; the trying to take advantage of every second together; and the hope that sometime in the future, everything will fit together and be so much easier.

The Best Teen Angst Song

The Best Teen Song About First Kisses

My pick: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by the Shirelles.  It's about the thrill of kissing someone you like, and the fear that it doesn't mean as much to them as it means to you.  (Why can't I just pick a happy song about first kisses? I don't know. Maybe I'm a little demented.)

The Best Teen Song About Parents

My pick: Father and Son by Cat Stevens.  It's a conversation between a guy who wants to leave his parents' home to pursue his own life and his dad who doesn't understand why. When I was a teen, listening to it totally gave me the shivers (and it still does).

The Best Teen Song About Growing Up

My pick: Que Sera Sera by Sly and the Family Stone.  There's a lot of versions of this song, but this is my favorite. The lyrics are a reminder not to get too stressed about the future, because so much of what will happen can't be helped: "Whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see."

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