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10 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

How to Ask a Girl or Guy to Prom in a Cool, Romantic Way


We've all heard about those totally over-the-top ways to ask someone to prom - hiring a skywriter, having your principal announce it over the loudspeaker and that sort of thing. Those make for cute stories, but they're not very realistic. And besides, they might cause your crush more embarrassment than anything else. Here are 10 creative ways to ask someone to prom that might actually work.

Note: these all can work great for both girls and guys. But don't use any of them if you aren't pretty confident that they'll say yes.

1. Invite Her in a YouTube Video

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Upload a short video to YouTube asking her, "will you go to prom with me?" (To protect her privacy, either use her initials or set the video to "private.") Send her a link to the video in an IM or text message. Or to send her on a real scavenger hunt, combine it with something else on this list and hide instructions for finding the video in something else.

2. Give Her a Stuffed Animal

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Tie a ribbon around the neck of a stuffed animal (I love unconventional picks, like this dinosaur), and attach a tag to the ribbon that says, "Will you go to prom with me?" For an extra dose of cheese, coordinate the animal with the message. For instance, how about a horse that says, "Prom with me: yea or neigh?", or a penguin that says, "going to prom with you would be the coolest."

3. Issue a Parking Ticket

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Write a note to him and slip it into an old parking ticket envelope (or, if you don't have one, buy a fake one). Then stick it behind his windshield wiper. You can even write something in the note like: "You're in violation of being too awesome." or: "Your fine for being so fine: take me to prom!"

4. Slip It Into a Fortune Cookie

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Buy some custom fortune cookies at Greenfire - they'll fill them with a personalized "Will you go to prom with me?" message. Pass her a cookie in the school cafeteria, or even better, take her out for Chinese food and hand her one at the end of the meal.

5. Ask Him in a Foreign Language

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Do you share a Spanish class with him?  Slip him a note that says:  "¿Usted ira a baile de fin de curso conmigo?"  If you share a French class together, give him a note that says: "Est-ce que tu viendras au bal de fin d'année avec moi?"  And if you're worried that he might be clueless in every language, pick up a translating dictionary and slip your note into that.

6. Sneak It Into a Batch of Cookies

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Bake some cookies and arrange them onto a plate with a note hiding underneath. (Put a little tissue paper between the cookies and the note so it doesn't get all greasy.) You can write a cute pun (like, "going to prom with you would be so sweet!") or just play it straight. Either way, you've made his belly so happy that he'll probably say yes.

7. Send Her a Bouquet of Flowers

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There's no more romantic way to ask a girl to prom than with flowers. Order a bouquet from FTD or TeleFlora and sign the card, "Will you go to prom with me?" If you want to accomplish the same thing for cheaper, buy a bouquet from the supermarket or make one out of flowers from your garden (with your parents' permission, of course).

8. Make Her a Mix CD

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Burn some of your favorite romantic songs on a CD. Instead of listing the song names and artists, use the liner notes to pop the big question. For song inspirations, check out this list of popular prom songs and this list of ultra-cheesy prom songs.


9. Go Old-School with a Formal Invitation

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Write an invitation in your best calligraphy on a piece of parchment paper, then roll it up and tie it with a velvet ribbon. Slip it into his backpack or locker, or to get even more authentic, enlist one of your friends to act as a messenger. (For tips on calligraphy, take a lesson from Martha Stewart).

10. Just Come Right Out and Ask Him

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Okay, it might not be that creative.  But if the guy or girl you're asking to prom isn't guaranteed to say "yes," then it's perfectly acceptable to ask the old-fashioned way.  After all, if they want to go with you, they'll agree to it no matter how you ask them.

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