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10 Fun Things to Do After Prom

Great Ideas for After Prom Activities


Prom's supposed to be the most memorable night of high school...so when the dance is all over, what should you do to make sure the night never ends? Here's a list of a couple of fun things to do after prom, from the silly to the exciting to the unforgettable.

1. Go to Your School's After-Prom Party

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If you're lucky enough to have a school-sponsored after-party to go to, don't take it for granted. It'll be one of your last chances to party with all of your classmates, plus there are usually snacks, good music, fun activities and raffle prizes. Even if you don't stay till the bitter end, at least make an appearance.

2. Have a Greasy-Spoon Midnight Breakfast in Your Formal Wear

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After a busy night of dancing and socializing, you deserve a little snack - preferably at a place that serves pancakes and chili cheese fries.  And it'll be ten times more fun if you there in your glamorous, red carpet clothes.  (Just be careful not to spill any syrup on that rented tux.) 

3. Go to a Teen-Friendly Night Club

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Some cities have special all-ages night clubs that are safe for teens to party at.  Head to one in your prom gear and keep the dance party going for another couple of hours.  You're guaranteed to be the best-dressed people there.

4. Host a Karaoke Party

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Buy a cheap karaoke machine (or just pick up an American Idol karaoke game for your PlayStation or Xbox) and invite your friends back to your house for a karaoke party. Party musts: pizza, funky mood lighting, and a karaoke night host (played by your hammiest friend).

5. Go Camping

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This one will take a little preplanning, but it might end up being one of the most fun experiences of your life.  Before prom, park your car with all the camping gear you'll need for a night in the woods, and when the party's over, drive up to the camp ground with a couple of close friends for storytelling, reminiscing and getting back to basics.

6. See a Midnight Movie

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Some of the more indie movie theatres in your town probably have midnight showings of random stuff like cult comedies, horror movies and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Go with your whole crew and take over the back row.

7. Go to a Comedy Club

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See if you can find an all-ages stand-up comedy club or improv showcase in your town. If you think you can handle it, sit in the front row so the comedians talk to you during their sets and tease you about prom. You might need to buy tickets in advance, so be sure to plan ahead.

8. Party on the Beach

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Run home to change into some warmer clothes, then head to a public beach with snacks and a boom box for more partying till sunrise.  Check with the city beforehand to make sure that you'll be allowed on the beach late at night.   

9. Go Bowling

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Find a late-night bowling alley and try to score some strikes in your party dress (and sexy bowling shoes, of course).  It's a perfect way to come down from the glitzy highs of the events from earlier in the night.

10. Have an Old-Fashioned Sleepover Party

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You're only in high school for another couple of weeks - you'd might as well get in some more little kid stuff while you still can.  Have a sleepover party with sugary snacks and goofy movies.  If you want to host a coed party, make sure your parents are okay with it first and try not to be too upset when they insist on keeping tabs on you.

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