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Information Sheet on Orgasms

10 Things You Need to Know About Orgasms


  1. Orgasms are the release of tension that follows sexual activity, for most people they feel very good.
  2. [liYou do not need to have intercourse to have an orgasm, you can have one during orals sex, masturbation, heavy make out sessions, or any activity that stimulates the genital area (with or without clothes on). [liWet dreams are involuntary orgasms - girls do have them but guys have them much more often.
  3. Many girls do not experience orgasm through intercourse alone and require other stimulation - this is totally normal.
  4. Although many guys complain that condoms dull the sensation of orgasms, they are essential during sexual activity involving contact with the penis in order to help prevent STDs. This means, intercourse, oral sex, anal sex or any other skin on skin contact.
  5. Most teens report that their most consistent orgasms come during masturbation.
  6. It is not unusual for neither guys nor girls to have an orgasm their first time having sex.
  7. Being unable to achieve orgasm during sex play does not mean there is something wrong with you, everybody has moments where their body doesn't want to respond.
  8. People who have meaningless sex or sex with out honest feelings report less intense orgasms and more problems achieving them - this translates in to a simple message, "sex is better when you care about your partner."
  9. Achieving orgasm should not be the main focus of sexual activity - you should be more interested in the intimacy and closeness of the act, not the end result.
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