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Information Sheet on Wet Dreams

10 Things You Need to Know About Wet Dreams


  1. Wet dreams are normal, they are believed to happen when the body is not getting release from the hormonal build up of the teen years or sudden "dry spells" in sexually active individuals.
  2. Girls do get wet dreams, but they are far more common and much messier in guys.
  3. Masturbation can, but won't always, put a stop to frequent wet dreams.
  4. Some experts theorize that wet dreams are one of the many sub conscious ways that the body handles stress - they seem to happen more frequently in teens and young adults because this age group is thought to be under extreme stress.
  5. Wet dreams are not drug induced.
  6. Wet dreams do not signal a sexual abnormality or mean you are sexually deviant.
  7. Wet dreams have nothing to do with being gay or straight, the type of wet dreams you have in no way represent your sexuality.
  8. Wet dreams about taboo subjects like; incest, animals, rape, sex with a superior or elder, public sex, group sex, and homosexuality are common and do not have anything to do with your waking sexual preferences (it doesn't mean you secretly want to do these things).
  9. There is no reason to ever feel guilty about having a wet dream, they are subconscious and can not be easily controlled or manipulated.
  10. Many people have wet dreams and don't even know it is happening, for guys the morning mess is often the only evidence and for girls they can go unnoticed - for this reason they may be more common in girls than is currently believed (under reporting may be the real reason girls seem to have them less often).
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