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Top 10 Bands for a Cause - Charity Wristbands


They’re trendy, they’re inexpensive, they make a statement and they help raise funds for a variety of important charities… they’re Bands-for-a-Cause. Cheap, chic and socially responsible, these accessories of the moment make more than a mere fashion statement; they make a difference. Here we list the top 10 wristbands in support of causes that directly affect the lives of teens today, break them down by color, and tell you where you can get them.

1. Livestrong Band

Color: Yellow
The original cause-band sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Nike. The Livestrong band benefits cancer charities and research worldwide. Sold in lots of 10; available in two sizes, adult and youth.

2. Livefree. Smokefree. Band

Color: Orange
With smoking among teens reaching an all time high this is one cause that probably directly impacts your life right now in some way. Whether it’s you who smokes, a friend who smokes, or a family member who smokes, chances are good that somebody close to you is a slave to cigarettes. If you or somebody you know is trying to quit this band is a great show of moral support. If you want to encourage others to stop smoking this band says it all. Sold in lots of 5.

3. Celebrate Hope Band

Color: Purple
This band is a type of memorial band in honor of people who have lost their lives or loved ones to any type of cancer. In support of Relay for a Cause, this band benefits anybody whose life has been touched by cancer. Sold in lots of 5.

4. Courage Band

Color: Red
In support of AIDS research, people living with AIDS and people who have lost the battle, the Courage band is a symbol of hope. With young adults being the fastest growing group of HIV infected people AIDS education and awareness among teens is especially important. Stamped with the red ribbon marker that is known worldwide as the symbol for the battle against AIDS this band is available in any amount but discounts are given for orders over 10.

5. Anti-Racism Band

Color: Black & White Crossover
It is a sad modern reality that in this post-911 world racism is on the rise. Strides that were made in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s seem to be backsliding in the new millennium. Show your dedication to racial equality and cultural tolerance by wearing one of these very unique bands. Sponsored by Nike UK it is actually two bands in one, a black one crossed over a white one, and is not currently sold in North America but you can win one on ebay.

6. Support Our Troops Band

Color: Yellow
A new twist on the tie-a-yellow-ribbon phenomenon this yellow band is a trendy way you can show your support for US troops deployed in hot spots all over the world. Whether at war or during peace soldiers are constantly putting themselves at risk in the name of your freedom. Show them you appreciate the effort. Sold individually.

7. Tsunami Relief Band

Color: Aqua Blue
It is the worst natural disaster in modern history, the December 26, 2004 Asian Tsunami. Etched with the words ‘One World One Cause’ this is band recognizes the global family of which we are all a part. Support tsunami relief and show your commitment to global awareness in one shot. No longer available.

8. Radio 1 Bully Band

Color: Blue
Out of the UK and sponsored by the BBC Radio 1 the blue Bully Band was sold in support of anti-bullying programs in the UK and bullying awareness programs worldwide. No longer available from Radio 1 the bands can still be picked up off ebay, search terms “blue, bully, band.”

9. Breast Cancer Band

Color: Pink
In support of breast cancer research and community support programs this pretty pink band is a must-have. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer to affect women but it is not unheard of in men. Show your support. Sold individually.

10. Purple Paws Band

Color: Purple
In support of animal shelters and cruelty-free campaigns this band, sponsored by Crafts’N’Scraps a portion of the profits will benefit The Maxfund, a no-kill shelter that helps injured and abused animals get a new start. Sold individually.

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