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Is Your Friend Bullying You?

5 Signs Your High School Friend Might Be a Bully


Bullies aren't only the kinds of people who beat you up for your lunch money. In fact, you might be getting bullied without even realizing it, by someone who's supposed to be on your side.

If one or more of these are true, one of your friends might be doing you more harm than good.

1. Your Friend Doesn't Stop When You Say "Stop"

A little teasing is part of any friendship, but a good friend cuts it out if she knows it's hurting your feelings. When she says something hurtful, let her know how it makes you feel, because she might not figure it out on her own. If she doesn't knock it off after that, she's being a bully.

2. Your Friend Gossips About You

Good friends keep secrets. And good friends certainly don't make stuff up about you, or pass along along rumors about you that might not be true. If your friend blabs about you without thinking twice, then he isn't respecting you like a good friend should.

3. Your Friend Doesn't Stick Up for You

Friends have a responsibility to stand up for each other when someone else is being a jerk. If your friend takes the bully's side, or if she just stands there silently while you take the abuse, then she's being just as much of a bully as they are.

4. Your Friend Could Take or Leave You

Just because someone says he's your friend doesn't mean he's your true friend. If he doesn't call you unless you call him, or if he ignores you around his other pals, then his heart isn't into the friendship. Dissing you like that is a passive form of bullying that can feel just as bad as the more direct kinds. It's abuse that you shouldn't have to take.

5. Your Friend Forces You to Do Things You Don't Want to Do

I hardly need to remind you that peer pressure sucks. When it's coming from someone you trust, though, it can be hard to recognize. If your pal tries to get you to do stuff that's out of your comfort zone, call her on it. If she doesn't quit, kindly refer back to sign #1 and get the heck out of that friendship.
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