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Changing Your Reputation

10 Things You Can Try


Changing your reputation may sound frivolous but there are people who have had a string of bad luck and need help getting other people to give them a second chance.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change your reputation, as long as you know that there are no guarantees your new one will be any better. If you sacrifice good friends in your quest to reinvent yourself you may be a big loser in the end.

Make New Friends While Keeping Old Ones

When you get in with a new crowd you should never write off your old friends. Don't burn any bridges, don't turn on old pals to impress new ones, and never turn in to a nasty gossip hound. Never build up your own life by putting down other people.

Whatever changes you make to yourself in the name of a better social life, never let your quest turn you into something you are not. Always be true to your inner voice and your sense of right and wrong. If it doesn't feel right don't do it! No reputation in the world is worth losing what it is that makes you unique.

Here are a few things you can try in order to change your reputation and build a new social life.

Join a Team

Find a sport you like and do it as much as possible. Join the team at school or find one in your community. You'll be part of a group with common interests and you'll get in to better shape.

Get a New Look

Change your hair style, hair color, or both. Find a new way of dressing, one that reflects the person you want to be. This doesn't have to be expensive. You can find really cool clothes in thrift shops or consignment stores. Having a cool look is about personal style not designer labels.


It sounds simple but too many people forget to smile. Make smiling a part of your normal social interaction, even with people you hardly know, and people will see you in a more positive light. It is hard not to smile back when somebody is beaming at you.

Get a Hobby

Like sports teams, hobbies can be great ways to meet like minded people. Find a hobby you genuinely enjoy and join a club or group for enthusiasts.

Exude Confidence

Even if you are jelly on the inside never let it show on the outside. Keep your head up at all times and never let people see you sweat.

Be Kind

Caring about others makes others care about you. Think about volunteering to help at a charity. You'll meet new people and do some good at the same time.

Don't Be Afraid to Conform

Conforming to the positive social norms of the group you want to be a part of is a good thing. Not all peer pressure is bad. If it is prosocial and doesn’t do harm it's probably safe to go with the crowd.

Get Serious About School

Change your study habits and strive for better grades even if you already get pretty good ones. By being a better student you will bolster your confidence and that will positively influence how others see you.

Don't Try to Hide Who You Were

Own up to any truths in your previous reputation. Don’t ever try to hide the truth. Tell people you have changed and that you want a chance to prove it. Then show people that the old you really is a thing of the past.

It isn't easy to change your reputation but it's not impossible either. It takes some work and a great amount of courage to reach out to new people and make new friends but it is worth the effort. Not everybody will like you or welcome you in to their group so try not to be discouraged. Be as friendly as you can to everybody you meet and your positive attitude and confidence will draw people to you.

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