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Boost Your Energy with Meditation

Wake up and stay alert by calming down


Doing a mini-meditation or a breathing-and-focusing exercise a few times during the day can do wonders for your concentration and your energy levels. It's great for stress relief, too. All you need are a few little breaks during your day -- three to five minutes long -- and a quiet space such as a bedroom, a park, or even (believe it or not) a bathroom stall.

Here's what to do to relieve stress and achieve that energy boost:

  1. Choose your meditation spot.
  2. Sit down or assume another comfortable position.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take 10 slow, deep breaths.
  5. Clear your mind of as many thoughts as possible.
  6. Focus on a soothing image from nature such as a tropical island, a mountain vista, or a group of slow-moving clouds.
  7. Slowly take in 10 details about your peaceful scene: the sound of the waves, the colors of the trees, etc.
  8. Open your eyes.
  9. Stretch out your arms and legs.
  10. Take in your surroundings.
  11. Go back to what you were doing before feeling renewed and refreshed.
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