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Everyone wants more money, but sometimes it seems like it's impossible for a teenager to make any. Once you know where to look, though, you'll start to see your bank account grow. Find out the best part-time jobs for teenagers, how to get your dream job, and how to earn cash in some unexpected places.

The Big Guide to Teenage Jobs
Advice for teenage part-time jobs, including recommended teenage jobs, help with teenager job search, and tips for getting a job.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Prom
You don't need to spend a fortune to have the prom night of your dreams. Want proof? Here's how to save on everything - from your clothes to your transportation to your post-prom weekend plans - without cutting back on any of the fun & romance.

10 Best Part-Time Jobs for Teens
Looking for a job that'll enrich your soul and start you on the path towards a lifelong career? OK, maybe not. You're probably just looking for a way to make cash and beat your boredom. Never fear. There are tons of ways to reach your goals including some you may not have considered before.

10 Ways to Get Fired from Your Job
So you've gotten yourself a job. Congratulations! Celebrate your employment however you want - but don't show up to work doing any of the 10 things below. If you do, you might find yourself unemployed before you can cash your first paycheck.

My First Job
What was your first part-time job, and how did it go? Share the story of your first part time job when you were a teen. See submissions

Great Ideas for Filling Your Community Service Hours
Filling your volunteer hours doesn't have to be a drag. To get some ideas on what you can do, check out this list of ideas for fun, unique community service projects. Who knows? You might even stick around after you've done your mandatory time.

Top Money Saving Tips for College Freshmen
Making the transition from high school student to college student can be confusing. There are a lot of changes and many new responsibilities. Adapting to college is full of life lessons and the biggest lesson involves handling money.

How to Write a Resume (When You Have No Job Experience)
A resume can make or break you in your search for a job and it can be particularly difficult to write one that shines when you have little or no work experience. Here we show you what to include on your starter resume.

How to Apply for Your First Job
There's a first time for everything and getting a job is no exception. Here are some tips and tricks to help you land that first job.

How to Wow at a Job Interview
The resume gets you in the door but it's the interview that gets you the job. For the inexperienced job hunter an interview can be intimidating but it's really not so bad as long as you follow the simple guidelines listed here.

Getting Free Work Experience
It’s a vicious circle; to land a good job you need experience but to gain experience you need to have done the job. So what’s a job hungry teen to do? Believe it or not there are several ways you can gain skills without paying for a training program.

Babysitting Basics
Babysitting… For many teens and tweens it is the very first job they’ll ever have and it is much more work than it may sound. Sure it seems like an easy gig, looking after a neighbors kid or kids for a few hours while the adults are away but it’s actually one of the biggest responsibilities any person can have. So just what do you need to know to be a good babysitter? Let’s take a look!

How to Get a Raise in Your Allowance
Now that you're a teen, you may find that you have a lot of expenses: gas for the car, clothes for the prom, food for dates and hanging out with friends. A raise in your allowance can help you pay for everything, but how should you go about asking for it? Get tips and advice on talking about money with your parents.

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