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The Big Guide to Teenage Jobs

How to Find, Get and Keep a Part-Time Job if You're a Teen


The Big Guide to Teenage Jobs

Ahh...the elusive hula-hooping parade waitress job.

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What Job Do You Want?

Just because you're a teen, that doesn't mean you're limited to flipping burgers. Shoot, you're not even limited to having to leave your house. Spend some time thinking about the types of jobs you'd like to have, then get out there and see what's available.

How to Get the Job

So you've found a job that you think is perfect for you. Now comes the hard part: applying for it and making a good first impression so you'll get hired. The most important thing to remember? Don't get discouraged. There are way fewer available jobs than applicants out there, so you're bound to get rejected a couple times before you get hired.

How to Keep the Job Once You've Got It

If you're lucky enough to land a job, congratulations - it's time to get to work and earn some cash. But remember that scoring a job doesn't mean that your boss will automatically love your performance. You've got to work hard and show the right attitude to convince your boss that he or she made the right choice by hiring you.
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