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Kissing Tips & Techniques

Become a kissing expert with the tips and advice on these pages.
Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
Kissing is to teen life what baseball is to America - a favorite pass-time. Just how do you score on the kissing scale? Are you a casanova in the making or a wet dawg in need of training? Take our quiz to find out.
Kissing FAQs
Your most frequently asked questions about kissing.
How to French Kiss
A 15 step outline on how to french kiss.
Kissing Your Crush
How to handle a first kiss with your crush. Specifically, how to handle the "mistletoe approach", but the tips are good all year long.
Kissing Your Steady
How to make a kiss with your steady extra special, under the mistletoe and all year long.
The Friendly Kiss
How to handle the social peck. Kissing somebody you don't feel romantic about in social situations, like under the mistletoe.

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